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It's Wednesday again and that brings us to another installment of What to Wear Wednesday all about my Mexico bound suit case! Today's spotlight is all about active wear. I know, I know, I'll be on vacation and sipping drinks by the pool everyday, however I still plan on finding time in the mornings to workout and do what I can to stay in shape with the gorgeous background of the beach!

1. Sunglasses - This may seem like a no brainer but I have a tendency of running out the door to take a jog and forgetting my sunglasses, so here it is, number one on my list so I *hopefully* don't forget! Running on the beach in the sun would not be as fulfilling without my sunglasses!

2. Water Bottle - Personally, I like to run with a water bottle in hand instead of waiting it out until the end of my run. This water bottle is a bit heavy, however I am not planning on running super long distances in Mexico, just nice jogs on the beach in the mornings! I have this water bottle in my cabinet and it has become one of my favorites!

3. Accessory Belt -  If you haven't read my posts about this belt then please do so HERE and HERE now. I am completely obsessed with the amount of stuff I can fit in here! Being on vacation I may even need to add a few extras and this belt is just the perfect and must have accessory!

4. Sports Bra & Leggings -  So I have just came across this company and have fallen madly in love with their clothing. Seriously, I can't wait to get my hands on this sports bra and legging set! Nothing better than a cute outfit to go for a run or to the gym in Mexico and anywhere else!! Be sure to check out this companies other active wear HERE and their Pinterest page HERE for more inspiration. I seriously could have picked every single thing they have, however for the sake of this post I had to narrow it down... You won't regret checking them out!

5. Activewear Tank -  You have heard me talk about this incredible local company in THIS post and here it is, coming up again because I just can't help myself! Their clothing is just so cute and I'm a huge fan or representing where I'm from wherever I go!

6. Shoes -  Again, a no brainer. Running/athletic shoes are a must for working out on the go. I'll definitely be getting my hands on a pair of these tennis shoes before heading on vacation!

7. Running Tee -  Basically I feel like I just need this shirt and I need to wear it daily. Two of my favorite things, running and eating and they go hand in hand.


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  1. So many fun finds! I'm such a sucker for fun graphic tees especially for working out :-D
    Green Fashionista

  2. I am about to take membership of a gym and it was wonderful reading this post. I will make sure I buy all of this and carry it to the gym regularly. I will have to buy minimum 4 workout leggings, in order to avoid repeating the sweaty ones. Please suggest a good brand for that.


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