2017 Bridal Bootcamp with Sworkit!

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Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a great weekend, ours was freezing but great none the less!
So I say we just jump right on into today's topic.

For those of you who have already had one you know how crazy it can be to plan.
For those in the thralls of planning, may you not be pulling your hair out.
For those who have yet to embark on that journey, take all the advice you can get!

Today, Sworkit and I are unveiling (pun intended) a new workout series we are bringing to all of you 2017 brides (& bridal party, and heck even wedding guests).
We are calling this six week series, Bridal Bootcamp 2017!

Along with the workouts I'll be sharing moments from my own wedding back in 2011 (Pre-Pinterest people, so there's that). I'll also be sharing my tips and tricks for planning your own wedding as well!

My husband and I first met back at 2005 when we worked together. By the end of 2006 (December 27th to be exact) we started dating. We were together two and a half years before we got engaged, he proposed on my 21st birthday, September 2nd 2009. I immediately went into wedding planning mode, and let's be honest, even before getting engaged the wheels of wedding planning had began to turn inside my head.

Needless to say I was completely overwhelmed, there was so much to do. The one thing I didn't realize was that booking a location is much more intricate and difficult than one may think. Wedding venues book up years in advanced, seriously it's insane. We got engaged in September of 2009 and didn't get married until April of 2011.

Locations book up FAST so my pro tip for today would be, get as organized as you can as fast as you can. Don't go into finding a location having ONE date set in your mind, be open to a general time of the year or even just one month in particular. Your vision of finding a location will be MUCH easier if you are flexible. I know plenty of brides who want ONE specific date and it becomes problematic when finding a location. Once your location is chosen everything else will fall into place once you have the location to inspire you! I know it's easy to jump right into the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers etc. but your life will be much simpler by choosing a location first and a date that coordinates with the location!

Our ceremony location was at my childhood church and where I went to school from preschool through 8th grade...

Our reception was at a GORGEOUS reception venue in downtown St. Louis called Windows on Washington...

SO today's workout is all about Sweating For The Dress... Because let's be real, every bride just wants to feel her best on her big day and there's nothing more important than getting that dress to fit just right! First, download the APP and then follow the link HERE and get started with week 1 of our 2017 Bridal Bootcamp!

Be sure to share your progress, thoughts, before and after pics using the hashtags...
#nogymnoexcuse #scribbleandsworkitbridalbootcamp

Make sure you are following Sworkit on all social media (IGFBTW)

Next week I'll share another fun tip for planning your own wedding, along with another kick butt workout for this series so make sure you check us out again next Monday!


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