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It's 2017, I can hardly believe it!
So it's been a while since my last post, the holidays came over me like I couldn't even imagine and needed to take a step back and focus on everything going on.

Well, along with focusing on my family, the holidays and everything along with that I have been able to plan out what the whole 2017 will basically look like here on the blog *yay*

First, recipes, we all love a good recipe. Every week I will be sharing recipes that I just can't get enough of. Whether it be a full meal or just a snack, recipe's are where it's at. I'll also be looking for YOUR favorite recipes to share here on the blog as well so please shoot me an email or DM on any form of social media so we can chat about your recipe and a timeline of when we can share it!!

Second, Sworkit. As you know I just love the Sworkit app, the company and the individuals that work for this incredible company. I can't even begin to describe just how life changing my connection with them has been, because it's been incredible! So there is going to be a LOT more coming from Sworkit and myself!! **Go check out my Instagram over the weekend for a fun little announcement!**

Third, the topic of today's post title. January is all about starting over, at least that's what it has been for me the past few years. With that means kicking it up a notch in the working out and healthy eating! So what Leanna from Sworkit and I are wanting to bring to you all is a little series called January Journeys ( #januaryjourneys ... to follow along on social media!). So today I am going to finish up this blog post with my first installment of this series...

I have been working on myself for quite some time now, well over a year, just about a year with Sworkit. February of 2016 my oldest son turned 2 years old, my youngest was 7 months old. We had a small party for the oldest and this picture was taken...
... After the party and reflecting on this photo, which I do love so much, I realized that I wanted to just feel better about myself. I wanted to get into shape and look and feel as good about myself as possible. For every single person that means something different, no matter what your size, age, gender etc. we all have things we want to work on about ourselves. The second I decided to give it 100% (up until that point I had been working at about 50/60% on myself at best) I didn't quit! I use this photo as a reminder, a reminder where I was a year ago and the reminder of how far I have come. I love knowing that I have achieved more than I could have ever even imagined and I can't wait to go even further.

I am loving my relationship with Leanna and Sworkit and I am using the app and the support around it to continue to push myself into being the best I can be! This January I am going to continue to look back, reflect and realize how strong I truly am as an individual, for I have pushed myself further than I ever imagined possible.

So at the beginning of January 2017 my goal is to tone my body some more, eat as healthy as possible and find a way to incorporate more cardio into my workout routine, since running isn't an option at the moment (I'm in St. Louis, it's cold right now, running outside would just be silly if you ask me)

I encourage you all to share your #JanuaryJourneys along with us on social media! At the end of the month I am hoping that we can all come together and share our progress, both physically and emotionally! Make sure you head on over to my Instagram later today for a chance to win a YEAR OF SWORKIT PREMIUM for following along and sharing your own January Journey! Details will be in the IG post!


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