Fitness Friday : MO' Cowbell Half Marathon

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This past Sunday I completed my first half marathon in four years. The last one I participated in was the GO! St. Louis in 2012, so needless to say I was super pumped to be running in the MO' Cowbell Half!! Our morning started out super early, 4:40am to be exact. We had to get both boys up and dropped off to my parents and then out to the race all by 6:45. We managed to arrive on time and the place was packed, we had to park a decent distance away.

We made it to the start in time and got ready to go...

... Pre-Race selfie with the best running partner and friend I could have asked for!

The course was incredible, winding through St. Charles and the neighborhoods in that area. The course was quite flat which was really nice! About 5 miles in I had to use the restroom, along with tons of other people, making having 5 stalls pretty challenging. I lost a lot of time at that point and also lost my flow of running. I tried to catch up the best that I could, however around mile 10 my body sort of started falling apart. My right knee began to hurt and I knew I had to push myself to make it the last 3.1 miles.

I finished with a time that I was not entirely upset with but at the same time I know I could have done better, guess that just means there will be another half in my future!!

... Andrew took this picture right as I was about to cross the finish line and if you can't tell, I'm incredibly happy to be done!

It was kind of sad, but the race ran out of Half Marathon medals before I crossed the finish line, something about the shipments not coming in on time. I will get mine in the mail, which isn't entirely the same but that's okay. I still got some pictures using my friends medal :)

... I was so glad that he was there at the end!! <3 

After the race we went out to breakfast and were met with some of our other friends to enjoy the post-race breakfast! Seriously if you guys are ever in St. Louis please go check out the Shack for brunch, best ever!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see you all back here on Monday!


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