Dorm Room Workout Series : Roomie Workout

6:24:00 PM

Oh man, this weekend was crazy busy!! If you follow me on social media then you already know... More about that later.
Today I'm sharing with you all an awesome Roomie Workout as part of the Dorm Room Workout Series. Seriously, what better way to stay motivated than working out with your room mate?!? I personally love having a partner to train with and hold me accountable... Also it makes working out more like a happy hour where you can chat and keep up with one another!

Back to our crazy weekend and how this all ties together.
My baby sister moved away for college last year, she's loving it and I am missing her a ton! She is actually the entire inspiration behind this workout series and in the spirit of creating the Roomie Workout we went to visit her Friday! I got to see her apartment that she's living in with a couple other friends, I got to walk the campus with her and we even got to do a quick workout!!

I even managed to get a quick video of us doing our workout as well that I would love for you all to check out...

That was just the BEGINNING of our weekend, I'll catch you all up throughout the week and stay tuned for Friday's Fitness post where I'm going to recap the entire MO' Cowbell Half Marathon I participated in!!!

Anyway... Go on, right now and get this workout downloaded to your Sworkit App!!

All you have to do is DOWNLOAD THE APP and then CLICK THE WORKOUT HERE and add it to your list of custom workouts!

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