Dorm Room Workout Series : Netflix and Cardio

9:41:00 AM

This weeks Dorm Room Workout Series installment is absolutely my favorite. Basically because I'm obsessed with Netflix and LOVE watching my shows while working out!

Recently I've been watching Baby Daddy and The Ranch, both of which I highly recommend. Along with re-watching, again and again and again, Friends and Gilmore Girls!! You can't go wrong with classics like that!

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, who is excited for the new Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix in November?!? This girl is!!!

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, this past Friday I was lucky enough to live close to one of the Luke's Diner Pop Up Shops! Thankfully my Mom was able to tag along and help with the boys, who were uncharacteristically well behaved!

Moving right along... There's nothing better than multi-tasking, so grabbing this workout and starting it up while watching some Netflix is the perfect combination!!

Go on, right now and get this workout downloaded to your Sworkit App!!

All you have to do is DOWNLOAD THE APP and then CLICK THE WORKOUT HERE and add it to your list of custom workouts!

Be sure to share pictures and updates tagging myself as well as Sworkit on all social media (IGFBTW), along with the the hashtags #nogymnoexcuse and #dormroomworkouts

Before you go, I am always looking for new TV shows to watch on Netflix and I'd love if you would share your faves in the comments section so I can check them out!


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  1. I need to jump on the Gilmore Girls train before the new episodes drop next month, which should be easy with being up at all hours feeding baby girl when she arrives. And I can't get over how cute all those coffee shop pop-ups were!
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