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To say being a Mom is hard work is an understatement. It's definitely one of the most difficult, frustrating yet rewarding job titles I have ever had.

What I've learned so far...
- Boys are loud. Now I don't have any girls so I can't really compare, but I do have friends with daughters and it just seems that boys are louder.
- If I hear the phrase "Big Trucks!" once out of Oliver's mouth I hear it a million times. His obsession with cars, trucks, planes etc. is unbelievable.
- Being dirty doesn't bother them one bit. In fact I think they like being a mess... All. The. Time.
- It doesn't matter if its one hundred degrees or one degree, outside is always where it's at. Personally, I'm not outdoorsy at all, so this will prove to pose a bigger problem the older that they get.
- Potty training boys is such a weird experience. Do they sit? Do they stand? Well we have a healthy mix of both, however when he sits, the bathroom must be cleaned immediately after, pee is everywhere!
- At the ripe age of two, Oliver is already enamored by video games. He is extremely smart and knows Andrew has a car racing game on his phone, he will point at his phone and go "Yellow Car?" And he will want to sit there for hours and just watch Andrew race that silly car.
- They love their Mommy. The many kisses and hugs and smiles I get from both my boys makes all the craziness worth it!


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