Happy Second Birthday Oliver

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A week ago we celebrated Oliver's SECOND birthday! I seriously can't believe we have a two year old, it seems surreal. He's turning into such a smart, sometimes too smart, little kid. Okay so anyone who knows the Midwest knows that we normally get super cold weather around this time of the year. Note the outfit I wore above, see that? Sleeveless! Yes, it was about eighty degrees the day we celebrated. February and eighty?! I'll take it every single time.
I was so happy with how all the decorations turned out!

Oliver's favorite thing as of right now are cars and trucks, hence the décor.

Top Right: Oliver with my Mom and DadBottom Left: Oliver playing with the present my sister and her boyfriend got for him
I swear this kid is such a ham, when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" his eyes just lit up.

Charlie got to enjoy the party as well, cake is definitely one of his favorites!

On another note, the blouse I wore I bought probably six or seven years ago and the last time I wore it, before his party, was at least four years ago. I just love being able to reinvent outfits to fit whatever stage of life I am in. That's the main thing I think about when making a purchase, "Is this an impulse buy that I'll only wear once or is it something I can wear multiple different ways?!" Of course there are those times where the impulse buys and items you only wear once are totally worth it, but it's always worth thought and consideration!
Also, I shared a link to the shirt that Oliver wore for his party. I have a small Etsy shop that I started a while ago and I have branched into specialized clothing. If there is anything you would like created just shoot me an email at mmlarose30 {at} gmail {dot} com OR just message me through Etsy!

I hope you have been able to enjoy some great weather wherever you are!


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