My Favorite Work Out & Fitness Apps!

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Not the easiest thing to do with two kiddos.
Majority of the time my workouts look like this...

Just par for the course with this one.
There are cute times, when he wants to work out along side of me.
He will get on his back and lift his legs up and down.
Attempt jumping jacks and all that fun stuff.

Every now and then, when it's nice out, I get the chance to go for a quick run...
Outfit Details:

However, most of the time I workout at home.
No gym membership needed.

Now, working out, at home, with kids, like I've said... Challenging at best.
Motivation is really hard sometimes.
So, I tried out a couple Apps and here are the two that I have stuck with and why I love them!


I absolutely love this app!

Pictured above is what you see the second you open the app.
Just click on what you want to do "Strength" "Cardio" "Yoga" or "Stretching"

From there you get to choose a sub category of what you would like to work out.
Example: Under the "Strength" Category you can choose from options such as:
Upper Body
Lower Body
Core Strength etc.

The beauty of this is that you get to choose the length of time you want to work out.
Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and it creates a work out entirely based around what you want to work out and the time that you have!

Seriously, amazing!

Now there are also the options of creating your own custom work out or clicking the middle button
"Fit in 5"

Which gives you a quick full body five minute work out!
As a full time Mom, that pretty much is all the time I have most days!

It was featured on Shark Tank a couple weeks back and I immediately downloaded it.
I worked out for a week with the free version and was totally impressed.
After the first week, I decided to make the plunge and purchased the premium version.
$19.99 for a whole year, call me crazy but that's what I used to pay a MONTH at the gym.

What makes this app so incredible is that you can customize to your liking, even the free version.
With the premium you unlock a few work out programs that I've come to really enjoy such as...
Rump Roaster
7 Minute Work Out
& Bring the Pain {and yeah, it really does!}

As well as, with the premium version you don't have to deal with Ads.
You also get paired with a personal trainer with whom you can message and ask any questions you want about your work out plan!

#2: My Fitness Pal

This app, for me helps so much!
When it comes what I eat, how much I eat a day, I was completely in the dark.
I had used this app half halfheartedly in the past.
A little while back I re visited this app and have been obsessed ever since.

With this app you can track everything you eat.
If you have a bar code for an item of food, even better, just scan it in!

I have started using this app every single day and realized I wasn't eating enough to lose the weight I wanted to safely!

Any excuse to eat more, right!?

The best thing about both of these Apps is that you can use them in tandem!
By connecting these apps you are accurately keeping track of the amount of calorie intake you need a day!

My Fitness Pal takes the calories you have burnt and adds them to the amount of calories you need to replenish your body with in order to stay on a healthy track to losing weight.

And another of my favorite parts... At the end of every day when you finish your daily food diary post you will get a nifty little note:
As if you need anymore motivation than that!!!

Have any of you used either one of these apps!? What were your experiences?!
What are some other Apps would you suggest to use?!


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