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I look forward to Wednesday's every week because I just love sharing my Instagram pics with you all & I absolutely love linking up with Jenn :)

So here's what's been going on in my life...

1. My little witches on Halloween... Surprisingly, they kept them on all night!
2. Just a handful of the left over candy from Halloween. Seriously, we only had TWO trick-or-treaters... It was sad.
3. RED CUPS ARE HERE!! I see many of these in my future. 

4. Love my Saturday mornings. Coffee, browsing, crocheting... Perfection!
5. Much needed margarita night with my bff & our boys!
6. My voting day attire! Seriously love this scarf, check it out HERE {I ordered another one last night too, in oatmeal lol} 

7 & 8. Okay, so these two little gems I made last night in my attempts to gear up for a craft show I will be participating in next week. Once the show is over I will be putting these up on my ETSY shop! BUT, if anyone wants to purchase one before that, just let me know {email, twitter, leave a comment with your email... whatever!} & I will oblige! I can make any colors you want & any size {from infant to adult!}

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  1. You make me want to be more productive with my basket of yarn. :)

  2. Those owl hats are so darling!

  3. Your IG feed is quickly becomming one of my faves! I love seeing your photos and love that you link up with me!

    I recently purchase similar owl hats on when they were having a deal but they're for babies and I might just need one of these added to my Christmas list for me :) I'll email my mama your shop info

  4. OMG I wish I had a baby to buy one of those hats for!! I am obsessed with owls!! SO CUTE!!! I will def be ordering one once there is a bun in this oven ;)

  5. You made those hats?? So cute! You are pretty dang talented :)


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