Election day is here!

9:38:00 AM

Did you?!

Yes, I woke my happy little butt up extra early to stand out in the cold & wait in line in order to vote! I also got to use the electronic touch screen thing & I have to say, awesome!! I was quite impressed.

One thing I was NOT impressed with... Where I voted there was another voting location right next door which lead people to get confused & argue with the people working. Aggravation all around & it added about twenty minutes onto my total time spent there.

Oh, & apparently since I voted there's a restaurant around here that is giving out free beer for anyone wearing an "I voted!" sticker... I will be scoping this place out!

Anyway, I'm proud to say I voted & look forward to this whole thing being over so we can get back to our regularly scheduled commercials.

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  1. Yay on voting! The free beer sounds like a plan!!

    xoxo yesi

  2. Im jealous I didnt get a sticker :(

  3. I'm parading around my house in my "My Vote Counted" sticker and Old Navy 4th of July flag t-shirt. I wish there was beer involved in my voting experience.

  4. Free beer? Woah, woah, woah... Shit just got real. REALLY real.

  5. One of our restaurants in the Springs is doing free beer also!! I voted absentee though, which means no sweet sticker and no free beer! LAME! But I did my civic duty :)

  6. Free beer and regularly scheduled commercials?! I'm in!!

  7. I love that businesses are offering goodies for voting! I sent in an absentee ballot, so I didn't get any fun stuff. I saved time, so I guess that's kind of a bonus!


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