Insta-Lately Time

8:43:00 AM

1. My mom & I out celebrating her birthday.
2. Margaritas for my mom's birthday :)
3. Seriously two of the largest burgers I have ever made {& eaten} in my life. Crazy good though!

4. Breakfast last Friday morning before heading off to our friend's wedding {Just because I worked there forever doesn't mean I don't enjoy going back... probably one of my favorites!}
5. Loving my new shirt & pairing it with leggings, perfect comfy day outfit {I'm actually wearing it right now haha}
6. Wedding fun last Friday! No wedding is complete without a photo booth... Just saying.

7. I treated myself to some Starbucks before going to the doctor.
8. Pretty colors outside our bay window!
9. Chicken quesadilla's for dinner last night, yummm!

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  1. This just made me thirsty and hungry. Hungry and thirsty.

  2. I agree with Whitney. I am now thirsty, hungry and want to throw on my leggings & chambray :)
    Thanks for linking up girlie!!

  3. I'd like to leave work now and have one of those margaritas. And a quesadilla. lol! Can you tell its lunch time??


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