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Pardon the late post today. I blame it on my overly sad mood due to the Cardinals losing last night, therefore not going to the world series, therefore not doing the whole #12in12 thing. Le sigh...

So I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with something witty & wise to share with you all but it's just not happening today. However there is something, that was brought to my attention this morning that I would like opinions on.

Our wedding flowers. The day after our wedding, Andrew & I made our way out to this lady's home where she takes flowers from any occasion & dries them out, making them into signs, jewelry etc. {We met her at a bridal show, she was friends with our photographer & florist so we didn't think anything weird or sketchy of her} Well, we left her with my bouquet, two centerpieces & his boutonnièr. The plan was to have our name, LaRose, spelled out in the flowers as well as a small pendant that could be made into a necklace {I thought it would be cute to have for when our kids got married, to have the "something old" thing...}.

The lady informed me that their contract with the current framer was up in the air so it would take a little longer than normal, which I was totally okay with, she was honest and I would wait. Well, months past... Like many months. She kept insisting that things were coming along fine, even up until the beginning of this year {Yeah, we got married in April 2011 & still didn't have our flowers by the beginning of this year}

Come March I was over it & demanded an answer. What I got back I wasn't even prepared for. Apparently, OVER CHRISTMAS, they had an explosion in their storage area where the flowers were & they were destroyed. This was in December, it was MARCH when I contacted her begging her for an answer, after not hearing back from her many times before. She said she was sorry & everything, I just couldn't deal. I get that accidents happen, but not telling me? Having me have to go to her and beg for an answer? That's just not right. We had paid her a deposit on this... Makes me wonder if she ever intended on getting us our flowers or if the plan was to take our deposit and never return phone calls or emails. {Yes we did get our deposit back, I let her know how upset I was and then proceeded to delete every form of contact with her...}

Either way, that off my chest... I was considering contacting our florist to see if she could maybe put together some similar flowers that I could take to a more reputable business and have something put together? I know it won't be the same, they won't be my wedding flowers but just having the idea and thought behind it? I don't know, I'm debating this thought & would love to hear what you all think...

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  1. Wow I'd be SUPER mad at that woman. I can't believe she didn't tell you what was going on. What did she think about going to happen if your flowers were destroyed? Was she going to give you something else? I didn't get my flowers preserved, but sometimes I wish I had. I think if your flowers, or flowers in general are something you love you should contact your florist! I am sure they would and could easily replicate what you had, and it's not like you'd have to pay wedding price with only on bouquet! I say go for it and get what you guys wanted this whole time :)

  2. I completely understand how you feel today, as my Yanks got shut out last week... oy.

    Goodness I'd be FURIOUS with that lady, I'm so sorry that happened! I think contacting your florist is a great idea.

    I didn't get my flowers preserved, but I did dry them out myself and have been meaning to put them in a shadow box to display. Sounds like it's project time!

  3. Your flowers were beautiful! I can't believe that woman behaved that way- what bad business. I think you should totally contact your florist! I preserved my flowers- they hand in our master bedroom. And I love them! Good luck.


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