Folding laundry is the enemy...

8:00:00 AM

Hello... My name is Melissa & I have an issue with folding my laundry.

Okay so, I can do a mean load of laundry... I love to load the washer & then load the dryer, makes me feel like I'm doing something productive {heh}. However when it comes time to folding or hanging it... ehhhhh

Currently there are, ohhhh I don't know, four two loads, dried & ready to be folded, yet I have let them sit there, wrinkling like no other, for about three days now...

I mean why fold laundry when I can...

Catch up on some of my favorite reads... {heyyyy Whitney}

Work on some awesome upcoming blog posts...

Catch up on some TV {anyone else watch Chicago Fire?!}

& lastly, but certainly not least...

Drink some wine...

Until next time...

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  1. First of all, you made me feel like I should go buy a box of wine. It's so practical and lasts so much longer.

    I fold my laundry but then it sits in the laundry hamper for about 3 weeks before the few pieces of clothing that are left get put away. Or until I need the hamper for another load. It's terrible.

  2. Worst chore ever. You should see my "clean pile" too!

  3. My laundry pile is HUGE! I never fold it

  4. HAHA!! Well, hiiiiii... and you already know how I feel about the devil - I mean laundry.

  5. I seriously can't stand doing laundry! I have the same problem with moving them and getting them clean, but letting it sit until it's wrinkly beyond being wearable. Obviously wine is much more enjoyable.

  6. Great post! I hate laundry too! And is Chicago Fire good? I been meaning to try it out..

  7. What's great is as I read this post I realized I've had a load in the dryer since Saturday. Awesome. :)

  8. I don't mind doing laundry, but I do hate folding it. That part usually takes FOREVER!!!


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  9. yup, I really applaud myself when I can get the clothes out of the dryer and hung within 24 hours. Normally I get so tired, i just have it sit. for day. No judgement girl.

  10. I feel ya. I like to waste electricity by restarting the dryer over and over and over and over....

  11. so...i have this problem as well. i have about three sitting on my bed just screaming my name. i hate laundry. :( also..we are laptop twins lol :)

  12. my laundry is the stays in the basket or on top of my dresser :)

  13. I hate laundry with a passion. I did laundry all day Sunday and still have about 3 more loads to do. Yuck!!


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