Taylor Swift Inspiration Board

9:57:00 AM

When it comes to inspirational
individuals to come out of any
celebrity I feel as though
Taylor Swift has hit the mark
in a way that no one ever has.
She is fun, cute, a little quirky
and seems to be completely
down to earth. This being said,
I have always been in awe of
her fashion choices, dresses,
shirts, shorts, accessories...
You name it, I have wanted it. With the help of this
nifty website I came across while looking on
other blogger's sites I was able to put together
a little inspiration board of my very own...

Below is the board that I put together, with outfit
choices that I think are very "Taylor" and
invite you to check out my polyvore
site, where you can click on the
clothing items, order them or
look up similar items!

Taylor Swift Inspiration Board

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  1. She is a natural beauty. I'm mesmerized by her eyes.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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