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Disclaimer: I received a Sabre Runner Pepper Gel to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Of all of the product reviews I have done I personally feel like this one has got to be the easiest and the one that other runners should pay most attention to!

Runner safety. It's something that's at the forefront of the running community everywhere in the world. All too often do we hear about a runner being attacked while out for their run. More times than not this is a female runner, however not to say that this doesn't happen to men as well. However being a female runner I feel as though there are even more precautions I need to take when I step out that door.

I don't feel safe running out on the trails without a buddy. If I can't find a buddy I have to stay inside or run on the roads. Roads have their own set of issues, some road paths that I love have sections that aren't exactly the most visible or trafficked, again, making me feel unsafe being alone. There's always the treadmill, but who wants to do EVERY run on the treadmill?

My neighborhood, sure I feel safe here, but most runners who are attacked are running through their neighborhoods, so if it gets too dark I have certain fears as well.

Now maybe I'm a little too paranoid when it comes to certain things but I'd rather be safe than sorry. If I don't feel comfortable I'm not going to put myself in the situation to begin with.

Since I've received my Sabre Runner Pepper Gel I have had a certain sense of calm about running outdoors in general. I still don't put myself in situations that make me feel uncomfortable but I do feel like I have MORE of a fighting chance. I had always told myself I would go buy pepper gel or spray of some sort and just never did.

I'm very grateful to be able to test out Sabre's Runner Pepper Gel and was surprised at how light the device itself is. I also love the hand strap that comes wrapped around it, makes holding it in the palm of your hand while running super comfortable.

It really doesn't feel like you're carrying anything at all. Here are some specs on the product itself, as if you needed any other reasons to buy one of these!

Whether you think you need something like this or not, I would recommend at least considering it. These things aren't just happening to other people, there's always a chance and I personally would rather be armed with a way to defend myself than to ever wish that I would have thought ahead.

Check out the product in more detail HERE and grab yourself one!!

How do you protect yourself on the run!?


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