Tunnel Hill Training - Week Four!

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I almost can't believe that we are already done with week four of training!
They have seriously FLOWN by like crazy, there's only 12 weeks to go and it's making me super nervous and anxious.
I'm finding myself over-analyzing every single part of this entire situation, from whether or not I'll be ready to whether or not my nutrition plan will work or if I'll even be able to finish.
I have a problem with overthinking things so the next 12 weeks should be fun.

So let's jump right on in shall we?!

Day 1 : Monday 8-13-18
Rest Day.

Day 2 : Tuesday 8-14-18

4 easy miles and 2 pushing a little bit harder. These miles had me a little nervous because I tend to run way too fast to start and then slow down drastically towards the end so being able to hit this goal was a huge deal for me! I really felt great after this run! This was such a great start to week 4 training.

Day 3 : Wednesday 8-15-18

Got in my miles while watching BibRave's LIVE AMA on Facebook! The miles went by super fast because I was totally engaged in the video! If you want to check out the podcast where you can hear the entire live broadcast CLICK HERE!

Day 4 : Thursday 8-16-18

HOLY HEAT! This was a tough race, we started out with about a half mile of climbing, I feel like we climbed so much this week! Either way it was hot and humid making every aspect that much more difficult. I was so happy to be done with this course but also felt super accomplished because I had tackled it in a respectable time, for me at least!

You can check out my full review of this race and the previous week's HERE

Day 5 : Friday 8-17-18

Crosstraining day!! Got 60 minutes on the stationary bike at my parents. These two knuckleheads were there with my the entire time and were so good! They also needed to be in the pictures afterwards too!

Day 6 : Saturday 8-18-18

The goal was 12 miles, but ultimately to work on my nutrition.
I am figuring out what works for me and what doesn't as far as eating while literally on the run. PBJ's are great, dried apricot's are NOT.
I'll slowly add in other foods and figure out better what works for me and what needs to be on hand at all times in November.
THIS is what stresses me out the most, I have never been one to pay particular attention to my nutrition while running, heck before my 50K this year the farthest I had ran was a half marathon and for that, nutrition was just a gel here and there and I was golden.
I'm working on it and trying not to stress to entirely much but we shall see!

Also, it was so much fun because I ran with a new running friend for my first 6 miles! I honestly have never felt so evenly paced with a running partner. It just seemed like we matched each other so well that it just flowed excellently! Here's to more runs being done together!

Day 7 : Sunday 8-19-18

Recovery miles with my Mom!! Just over 4 super chill miles on the same trail as my long run. Extra bonus, the Clydesdale's were out at Grant's Farm right at the fence so of course we stopped for some pictures! This is my FAVORITE part of running this trail, getting to see these incredible creatures up close. I just love watching them do their thing <3


This week was great! I felt strong and confident. I need to learn to let the little things go and just trust in my training and that I am doing everything that I need to be doing to get myself prepared for November! Trust the process!!

I still can't believe we're already into week 5!


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