Alpine Race Series - Sponsored by Sworkit - Race THREE Review

1:33:00 PM

I am running The Alpine Shop Trail Series sponsored by SWORKIT

I can't believe that yesterday was already the third week of the Alpine Shop Trail Series!
It really has gone by so incredibly fast.
Next week is the last race of the series and I'm so sad that it's almost over!

This week's race was so much fun.
The course was gorgeous and difficult but not TOO difficult.
The weather was perfect AND my boys were there cheering me on!

Week Three Results:
Overall : 179/242
Age Group Women : 25/40
Time : 45:47
Pace : 11:44

I am really pleased with these results, getting to be faster on the trails is extremely rewarding!
I just love being out on the trails.
Nothing compares to them.
Road running is great and I've loved improving in that aspect as well but if I had to choose one running path to stick with, it would undoubtedly be trail running!

Which brings me to my next portion of this post.
Along with running I'm loving incorporating different SWORKIT workouts into my cross training regimen!
Here's the workout I'm spotlighting this week...


I can honestly say that I can tell a huge difference in my flexibility by incorporating this yoga routine into my life!
Not only the flexibility but in my agility as well.
Being out on the trails, being agile is a HUGE deal, you have to pay much more attention to the ground and your footing than you ever do on the roads.
With this yoga workout I have noticed and incredible difference in the way that I run and let's be real, who doesn't love a good yoga session!

To get this workout you just simply open the APP
You can download the APP HERE

Click on the YOGA option

Then it's right there...

It's really that simple!
Choose how many rounds you want to do and you're good to go!

Please let me know if you try this workout out, I'd love to hear your experience!!

Until next week!


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