Training - Week 4

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Monday - Recovery day was spent catching up on things around the house and spending time with the family. I got in a quick Sworkit workout just to keep things going!

Tuesday - Was a really busy day! Oliver's last day full day of school was Thursday the 11th and it was supposed to rain that day. He had been asking to go to the Zoo for a while so I figured once he got out of school, I would take him and Charlie (I love that we live in a city where the Zoo is free admission, the kiddos just love it so much!). I packed up a lunch and we picked up Oliver and off we went! It was such a fun *but tiring* day, pushing both boys in the double stroller is no easy feat and we lasted close to 3 hours!

Later that evening I went to another Yoga Buzz event with my friend, Jess and mt Mom down at Ball Park Village. This was part of their FREE SUMMER YOGA SERIES, sponsored by Club Fitness. I've recently become a huge fan of yoga and Yoga Buzz has been my go to, not only are these events always SO WELL put together and absolutely worth the price of admissions, but this series all summer long is FREE, you just have to go register!

Wednesday - Was super hectic, I mean, what day isn't?!? So once the boys went to sleep I got in a quick 3 miles JUST before the sun set completely! Nothing like beating the sunset to get you going!!

Thursday - This was supposed to be my Fartlek Day, however last week was insane trying to get things done for Mother's Day. I wasn't able to make it to the gym, but I DID get in a Sworkit workout while the boys took a bath!

Friday - As if Mother's Day wasn't enough, Friday was my families company BBQ that they hold every year. So I traveled all the way down to that with the boys all afternoon which completely pooped us out!

Saturday - My husband's cousin had her graduation party on Saturday which we were so happy to attend! The boys had a blast playing with their cousins *& cousin's kitten!*

Sunday - Mother's Day. We woke up and went out to my parent's house in the morning to spend the day with my Mom. My mom and I took the boys on a little walk/jog while my Dad cooked us breakfast. We hit 3 miles (I needed to get in 7). We spent the day out there and then came home in the mid afternoon. Once Andrew got home from work we cooked dinner, well HE cooked dinner and we ate together as a family. Once my food settled I went out and got in my last 4 miles. So they weren't all 7 together, but spending time with the family was most important on Sunday!

So all in all the week didn't go EXACTLY as planned but that's okay, we just have to roll with it! Here's to the rest of this week being better!!

I'll be back next week to catch you all up on how the training's going!

Are you training for anything in particular?! I would love to hear how it's going!!


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