Training - Week 3

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So a little late this week, this weekend was crazy and I am just now starting to recover! Week 3 went much smoother than week 2 *yay*!

Monday - It was my husbands 30th birthday and recovery day. Because he was so awesome he all but pushed me out the door and told me to go run and get in my recovery miles!

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Tuesday - Hills & stairs again, intense and becoming something that I dread. I can definitely tell my stamina is building my incorporating this day into my training schedule!

Wednesday - 3 miles in the gym!

Thursday - 20 minute fartlek run at the gym... Still my FAVORITE day of the week! This image perfectly depicts how that day went. Oliver was annoyed, all day long, with Charlie and everything he did! 

*5 minute warm up*
*1 minute fast X 1 minute recovery* X5
*5 minute cool down*

Friday - 3 miles in the gym... 1 mile into my run the daycare worker came and told me Charlie had gone #2 in his pull up so I had to break and take care of that. I swear this kid is like clockwork, and not just with timing but with location. Doesn't matter what time of the day, we go to the gym and he goes #2 in his pull up! We also went out with our friends to celebrate Andrew's birthday! Went to Hooters for some wings and to watch the Blues game!

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Saturday - Rest day! Much needed!

Sunday - Long run Sunday! Got in my 6 miles while my parents watched the boys! I did make the mistake of starting my run in their neighborhood where I ended up stopping and chatting with people a LOT during that first mile. Also, the trail was PACKED in the afternoon. So 2 lessons learned! After the run we hung out at my parents, ate some Mexican (had a margarita!) We watched the  Blues game, in which they lost and are out of the play offs yet again :( (Next year!)

... Despite the craziness, I do LOVE this view while running on the trail by my parents house!

All in all it was a really great week! I'll come back next week for week 4's breakdown!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


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