Training - Week 2

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Week 2 of training has been a bit of a roller coaster!

I woke up on Friday morning with some pain in my right knee. I started doing some research and realized it was my IT Band acting up again! This happened last year when I was training for the MO Cowbell, so I knew that a little bit of rest would be best. I also did some research to find ways to help with this issue as it seems to be recurring for me. I found my way to the use of KT Tape, I used it on my long run on Sunday and I could definitely tell a difference! I will be using this stuff religiously from here on out with my training!

Monday - was a recovery day after Sundays long run! The boys and I took a little walk through our neighborhood equaling about 2 miles... Seriously, they're getting way too big to push together! LOL!

Tuesday - I was supposed to get in some hills and stairs but it instead ended up being a Sworkit and plank kind of night. It was grandparent's day at Oliver's school so we had both my mom and Andrew's over to the house early in the AM and once they were off, Charlie and I took the dogs to get groomed (Which, plugging our groomer for a minute... She's absolutely awesome and if you ever need to get your animals groomed and are in the St. Louis area, check her out HERE). So all in all, this left no time to hit the gym in the AM before the daycare took a break from 12-4:30. Then that evening we celebrated Easter with my parents, making an evening gym trip just not happen. Alas, planking and a Sworkit workout!

Wednesday - For whatever reason the boys didn't want to sleep the night before, so finding the motivation to wake up on Wednesday morning, get myself and both boys ready and hitting the gym was a difficult task. I powered through and was extremely happy I did!

Thursday - The workout I completed at the gym on Thursday was a huge butt kicker and I loved every minute of it!

* 10 minute treadmill warm up*
*8 minute rowing*
*4 minute squats*
*6 minute rowing*
*4 minute burpees*
*4 minute rowing*
*4 minute push ups*
* 2 minute sprint rowing*
*1 minute plank*
*10 minute treadmill cool down*

... I also utilized the gym shower for the first time ever =)

Friday - I woke up Friday morning with my knee pain as stated above so we chilled at home and I decided to rest! The boys completed a really fun craft and I shared it on Friday's post!

Saturday - Again, another rest day! Our anniversary was Sunday so my husband asked what he could get for me. I never really know what to say to that so he suggested a new pair of running shoes. I couldn't pass that up, my $30 Target pair, which reliable and pretty just weren't cutting it any longer for my rigorous new training schedule. I ended up with a pair of On Running Shoes and let me just say, I absolutely love them!!

Sunday - Our weather stunk all weekend. Rained pretty much from Friday morning until well, today, Monday morning... And I can't say for certainty that it's over yet. Anyway, I was supposed to get in my long run which semi-happened. Thanks to my parents and their treadmill! The gym daycare is closed on Sundays so I was so thankful that my parents were in town and could watch the boys upstairs while I ran! Now I only hit a little over 2 miles when I was supposed to get in 5, however between my knee and wanting to ease back into things and the new running shoes I was okay with the shorter distance. After my run I met up with some friends for coffee, these friends and I were supposed to run together on Sunday morning as we are all training for a race in September. Sadly we weren't able to run BUT coffee is always a good substitute! Sunday was also mine and Andrew's 6 year wedding anniversary, so we celebrated with Surf & Turf, wine & watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Find my shirt HERE

So that about wraps it up for this past week! I hope it inspires and helps you with whatever it is that you are training for or thinking of training for!! :)

We will be celebrating Andrew's birthday today so recovery today should be fun ;)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


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