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What better way to get your littles to workout than to tell them that this workout was specifically made for superheroes?!

My boys are loving working out pretending to be superheroes!! So to get them excited for this workout I had them each decorate their very own superhero mask!! I figured we would make an entire day out of it, make the mask together and then do the workout! They had a blast, and made a little mess but it was all totally worth it!

HERE's the link to the mask template I used!

Getting our kids to be active is definitely something that I have to really be conscious of, because there are those days where it will be 5 o'clock, dinner time and I realize the TV had been on all day... Granted that doesn't happen too often, but when it does I do have to check myself and remember that it is up to me to make sure that they are well rounded and get up and moving!

So go ahead and grab the APP and download the WORKOUT HERE and get you and your family working out to achieve your SUPERHERO strength!!

Share pictures of your littles and family working out using the hashtags #nogymnoexcuse #kidswhosworkit for a chance to be featured on my personal IG page!!


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