Sworkit Custom Workout Update!

8:03:00 AM

Since I have been working with Sworkit the app has changed and advanced in ways that make it superior to any other workout app! I find myself thinking, "this is genius" every single update... Then the next one comes out and I am yet again excited for the new features!

Today's new update is by far one of my favorites! The update is making creating your custom workouts so much easier and convenient. Instead of scrolling through every single workout that they have you can now filter your results to ONLY see the moves that you KNOW you can and want to do! Here's a little glimpse at the update!

Step One:

Choose to create a custom workout, just as you normally would

Step Two:

You can now search for specific exercises OR choose filters in order to give you EXACTLY what you are looking for. Click on the "Filter" option.

Step Three:

This is the screen you will see... There are multiple different options to choose from in order to get the workout moves that are specific to your wants and needs!!

... Once you have chosen your filters it will tell you how many moves fit that criteria. Click "DONE" and you will be taken to the screen with the names of those workouts. Where you can add them to a custom workout just as you did before!

It's a much easier way to focus your workouts and get what you are looking for!!

So what are you waiting for?! Go on and check out the new update on the SWORKIT app NOW and get started!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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