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Happy March 1st everyone!!

Back in January (Seriously I can't believe it's already March, where did the time go!?) Sworkit and I spent the entire month sharing our journeys through fitness, what keeps us motivated, where we started and where we have come. It was extremely exciting to share with you all my personal journey through fitness and keeping myself motivated!

This entire process, sharing our journeys and what keeps us all motivated has really given me the opportunity to step back and take a look at where I was and where I am today. In the moment, after having my second baby, I felt like getting any resemblance of a "normal" body back was nonexistent. I had never really had the body that I wanted, not ever SO even the thought of being in any sort of shape wasn't even on my radar.

One Friday night, my husband and I were watching Shark Tank. This APP was being pitched to the sharks, SWORKIT. I was immediately intrigued and AS THE PITCH WAS BEING MADE on TV I downloaded the APP and started playing around with it. THAT night I did my first Sworkit workout and was hooked from that point on! After a week or so of using the free membership I upgraded to Premium to gain all of the awesome attributes that the Premium Membership gives! I was, all of the sudden, using Sworkit one to two times a day, putting together workouts myself and using the workouts that are already programmed into the APP. I saw results, I could do these workouts on my own time and in my own home, having a gym membership was no longer a "want" of mine.

A few months later I attended a blogging conference called GO Blog Social here in St. Louis. I met some incredible bloggers and businesses that day. The one thing I gained from that experience was confidence, confidence to go out and reach out to brands that I loved to see if they would be willing to work together. Sworkit was at the TOP of my list and to my surprise I got a response and have cultivated one of the most incredible relationships with Sworkit and Leanna. I feel like I not only made a great business connection but a personal one as well. I have never been so excited to put together workouts or blog posts since teaming up with Sworkit.

So when I look back to where I was almost two years ago, I see myself as a second time new Mom, unhappy with how my body looked, just searching for something to light the fire under my butt and get me motivated. Now I see myself in a place I never thought I could get to, a place where I not only am extremely happy with my physical appearance but also with myself internally and as a whole. I have been given such a great opportunity to work alongside some amazing people on projects that I personally believe in completely! Two years, if someone told me that this is where I would be it would have been hard for me to believe.

Work hard, don't give up and believe in yourself!!

Sworkit and I are going to be working on some really awesome stuff here in the next month or so, be on the lookout!

Thank you all for your support and following along with us!!


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