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SPIbelt (c/o) | Shirt | Shorts | Sports Bra | Shoes, Old - Similar | Water Bottle | Headband - Similar

A while back I did a post about my favorite running accessories. You can go read it HERE. In that post I fawned over one of my favorite's, the SPIbelt, which wasn't even mine but my Mom's. I had grown very attached to this accessory to the point that I was going to be very sad to give it back. Well smash cut to a few weeks and some conversations later, I received my very own, LARGE POCKET Limited Edition SPIbelt in the mail! Seriously, I was beyond thrilled! My ridiculously large iPhone fit just fine in my Mom's standard sized belt, however with the Large Pocket belt there was so much room to spare! The beauty about these belts is that once you buckle it on you forget that it's there! When I come home from my runs I take my phone out to check my times, before I know it I'm starting my daily activities and quite a bit of time later I realize it's still on. These belts are like magic, they fit everything you can imagine all while feeling like they're not even there! Plus they don't ride up as you run, where you place them they stick the whole entire run! It's so important to keep essentials with you while you run, phones, keys, ID's and even some cash just in case, for me I won't ever choose another product over the SPIbelt and I highly encourage everyone out there to do the same! Whether you're a runner, hiker, biker or anything in between, these belts are definitely the superior choice!

I would love to see pictures of you using your SPIbelt, be sure to use the hashtag #SPIbeltStyle on Instagram and they may even feature your picture on their account!!

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**I received the belt courtesy of SPIbelt, however the opinions in this post are totally my own!**

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