Fitness Friday : Lauren Conrad's 30 Day Ab Challenge Wrap Up!

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Happy Fitness Friday! :)
Not only is it Friday, it's also the start of a long weekend *YAY!*

A few weeks back I challenged everyone to join in on Lauren Conrad's 30 Day Ab Challenge!
If you don't recall you can read the post HERE!

Basically, each day you were challenged to up your game a bit.
Doing it a little each day made the transition seem like absolutely nothing.
To top it off, knowing that other people are out there doing the same thing that you are is great motivation to keep up with it!

Along with other exercises (Sworkit, Running etc.), I have been making it a point to eat as healthily and clean as possible!
Ever since my Whole30 Experience (Post can be found HERE) I have been determined to keep that way of life as prominent as I can, while also cooking for a husband and two small children.
Basically, I do my best to cut out any and all bad carbs/added sugars etc. for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I usually do my best to keep carbs/added sugars etc. as low as possible, but again, cooking for a husband and two little boys, it can get a little tricky at times.
Of course when we go out I don't really pay too much attention to what everything has in it and maybe I should try harder in that, however we don't go out that often so I don't feel too guilty.

Honestly, I can tell a HUGE difference just in the eating department!
I can totally see why people say, "It's more important to worry about your diet then worry about the gym and working out later."
Food is the key my friends!

Anyway, back to the Ab Challenge.
I really enjoyed it!
It wasn't too intense or ridiculous and it was very easy to keep up with every day!
I was able to get in the quick workout here and there even with the little ones running & crawling around, again another reason I was able to complete this challenge quite easily!

Here is my Before (taken June 1st) & After (taken June 30th)

I can honestly say that I do believe having this challenge encouraged my to get my butt in gear in the working out department, however like I said before what I have been eating has had the largest impact on my overall health, wellness and weightloss!

How did you do with the challenge?! I'd love to hear all about it and even see some of your Before/Afters!! Leave a link in the comments or shoot me an email and we can chat!!

Happy Holiday Weekend, Everyone!!

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