Our Weekend & A Running Update

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This past weekend was full of family and all around fun!
Friday I was able to catch up with an old friend while she trimmed my hair (it's quite nice having one of your bff's also be your hairstylist!)

Friday evening Andrew and I hung out and watched an episode of Bloodline *Season 2*
Anyone else love this show?! It's one of my absolute favorite shows & I look forward to finishing up this newest season!

Saturday Andrew and I had a little date day/evening and we went to the baseball game.
It started out a bit rough but we ended up coming back from a 4-0 deficit to winning 7-4.

Saturday night my sister came over for some bonding time, and we ended up staying up until 4 in the morning talking and hanging out and enjoying some adult beverages.
I am not used to staying up so late.
Sunday morning was a bit rough with two little ones running around!

*On our way out on Sunday*

The rest of Sunday we spent with family and just chilling.

I was able to fit in my work outs Sunday evening so I can keep on track with my Lauren Conrad 30 Day Ab Challenge, that I blogged about on Friday!

As far as my training for the half marathon in October I have had to take the past week off and it's looking like this week will have to be a rest week as well.
A couple Saturday's ago while doing my long run I slipped on some mud, I caught myself before I fell but my foot twisted funny.
The rest of that run and even that day I felt no pain but woke up the morning after with severe pain in the foot.
I hoped it would go away but here I am, a week and two days later and it's just TODAY starting to feel better. I would say today is the best it has felt since the pain began.
I can walk with VERY minimal pain and when I'm sitting it's like nothing is wrong.
From all the research I've done it's just a really bad bruise, that accompanied by the fact that I can see the bruise I feel quite certain.
I just don't want to push it and hurt my foot even worse so resting it is!

I'm hoping by next Monday I will have been fine for a couple days and can SLOWLY get back into my training program.
Fingers crossed!

Anyone have an recommendations for bruised foot pain relief?! I would really appreciate it!


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  1. Ouch!!! I've dealt with many foot ailments in my running life. The best thing to do for a bruise is to let it rest and keep it elevated when you are sitting down.

  2. Baseball games are so fun! We have yet to make it to one this year. Hope to fix that here soon!!

  3. Hey there! Popping over from the link up. Looks like a fun weekend- can't beat a Cards game! I too live in the St. Louis area. Cheers!

  4. Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your foot :( That is no fun at all! But I'm heading to go check out your ab challenge now!

  5. I haven't started the new season of bloodline yet, but I'm excited to!


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