My Whole30 Journey, So Far!

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No bread?! No pasta?! No alcohol?!
Not going to lie, I was a little nervous and intimidated to start Whole30.
Now that I'm half way there, I'm feeling great!

However, half way in and I don't miss any of those things in the least.
I did have one moment where I did want to cheat, we went out for Mexican food last Sunday.
I ate before we got there, determined to stick with the Whole30.
I also didn't want to be the, "Guys, can we please go somewhere I can eat?" person.
So, we got there and everyone ordered drinks and tons of amazing food.
I stuck it out and it really wasn't too bad.
Not only did I stick with my goals I also felt a little empowered for not giving in, making it totally worth it!

Okay so let's get down to it, what have I been eating?!

Bottom line, I've been eating a lot.

Starting the Whole30 I realized that I had a pretty healthy diet to start with.
There really wasn't too much to change, other than we had pasta for dinner many nights a week.
Also, every morning I had a piece of wheat toast with breakfast.

Cutting those things out were pretty easy, though.

Here's what a day of food looks like for me:

Two Eggs
Some Whole30 Approved Meat
Half of an Avocado - Mashed
Fruit of some sort

Fruit or Veggie Salad
I add some sort of Meat

This is where I like to get creative
Here are a few recipes I've tried:
We also BBQ'd twice which was super nice and lent to TONS of leftovers

Usually some Nuts
Hard Boiled Eggs
Fresh Cut Veggies
Fruit - Apple, Banana etc.

So in keeping with the spirit of Whole30 I have not weighed myself since Day 1!
Not going to lie, I'm super curious and have almost broken that rule, but alas I will not!

I hope you can use this post and these recipes as a little inspiration yourself, whether your considering embarking on the Whole30 train or if you just want some healthier meals to incorporate into your daily lives.

What were your Whole30 go-to Meals/Snacks?! I'm always looking for new and yummy foods to eat!!


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  1. You're doing awesome, keep up the great work! I'm all about the hard boiled eggs and avocado - YUM! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista


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