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I've been in a writing mode lately, well book writing I should say. While I am extremely excited about this I have been slacking on the blogging side *sad face*

Anyway I wanted to check in with you all, see how things are going and chat about some things that are going on in the world currently {that have caught my attention at least}

Lindsay Lohan is difficult to work with. Let's be real, is anyone surprised by this anymore? I think we are all passed this, we get it. However the article concluded with saying that while she was difficult to work with she was a good actress...

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Favorite part of the entire article, the opening, "Ever find yourself dealing with somebody difficult at work, and then say to yourself, 'Well, at least I don't have to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan'?"

Honey Boo Boo's theme song as performed by Brad Paisley on Jimmy Kimmel the other night...

I just can't even, there are no words for this one.

Charles the Monarch, labradoodle, shaved to look like a lion & gets the police called on him.
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I think he is absolutely adorable... I mean those sunglasses, absolutely terrifying.

Sean Lowe, Bachelor is back! I can't help it, I love this show and I'm not ashamed. I love sitting in front of my tv on Mondays, drinking copious amounts of wine and watching all these girls compete for one guy, while consuming way too much alcohol themselves. Great television. Kudos ABC.
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In the words of Sean himself,  "There's going to be drama and a little cattiness. It's almost inevitable for it to happen, but it always irritated me when girls got caught up in the drama and lost focus on the reason we were all there. I just wanted them to focus on the relationship."  Yeahhhh... It's what happens when you put that many girls in a house all dating the same guy, hence the "great television" comment.

Oh and one more thing, the girl in the wedding dress... From Missouri, so I'm pulling for her to be the last lady standing! We will see.

Google Earth is catching alien activity & superheroes in action {along with some other crazies}
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Ufo's, Jesus' face, Horse Face & Superman. Way to go Google Earth, for confirming my belief in aliens, superheroes and crazy people.

Shameless comes back on Sunday and I'm pretty excited.

I would definitely rank this show in my top three favorites! Who else is tuning in on Sunday?

So that about does it for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! See ya back here on Monday.


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  1. Great wrap up of crazy things! Keep blogging!

  2. Welcome back to bogging :) And I watch every other or everyother-other season of The Bachelor...sometimes I get bored of the same old drama and stop watching...case in point I did not watch Emily's season but this Sean guy may be worth watching :)

  3. The Honey Boo Song was hilarious... too bad I feel like I'm losing brain cells when I watch it... Haha.


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