What a weekend!

10:41:00 AM

I very much dislike Mondays. Really, there's no point.

Anyway, this weekend was pretty awesome.

Friday night we stayed in, well except for going to pick up our new tv that we purchased on Cyber Monday {which means I will now get a tv in the kitchen *yay*}

Saturday, oh boy Saturday... I spent the entire day reading this
I ended up finishing it, which is quite sad because it will most likely be roughly a year until the next one comes out. I just couldn't stop reading, which is a sign of an excellent book but still...

Saturday night we went to see a movie with another couple {my bff Jess & her boyfriend}
Has anyone else gone to a Lounge Theater?!
Instead of trying to explain it let me just show you what it looked like...

Sitting in the front row has never been so comfortable! Basically, the seats recline, had heaters {one for your butt and one for your back, because you know sometimes you don't need both!}, little buttons you press for service {even during the movie!}, FULL menu {I got a slice of pizza while Andrew ordered a buffalo chicken wrap AND the grande nachos!} & full drink menu as well. Let's just say I will never be able to see a movie the same way again. However you do pay for it {$16 a ticket... Totally worth it on occasion} & since it's 21+ you don't have to worry about any interruptions from youngsters {even though I adore children, it was nice}

Oh, what did we see you might be asking?! We saw Lincoln.
If anyone is looking for a movie to go see, please go and see this one. Absolutely incredible and worth the raving reviews!! Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, were just absolutely incredible. Go watch it and we'll talk!

Now all I want to do is go and read Team of Rivals... Have been intrigued for quite some time now, ever since a professor of mine suggested it but now I have yet another reason to go out and buy it!

Sunday, did a lot of crocheting, I should have the blanket done by the end of the week... Full post will be happening on this! Watched some television, visited both sides of the family, pretty much the normal Sunday festivities.

Sunday evening I watched ELF & ended up making a White Castle's run with Andrew at about 10:30... It happens & it was glorious :P

Now it's Monday & December {when the heck did that happen?!}

Oh, & this is what our weather is looking like for the first week of the Christmas month...
... It was colder in October!

I apologize for the very spastic post today, I'm just all over the place. With that said how about you all go and congratulate my girl Whitney on reaching 1,000 followers over the weekend!!

That is all! Have a great Monday!

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  1. I'm coming to visit, just so we can go to that theater. :)

  2. Oh my gosh that theater!!! I thought we had a nice one because it has leather seats but yours just blows that out of the water!:) TVs in the kitchen are the best, that's definitely something to be excited about!!

  3. I am moping around after finishing the fault in our stars by John green. Sooooo good!!! That theater looks awesome!!

  4. I am moping around after finishing the fault in our stars by John green. Sooooo good!!! That theater looks awesome!!


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