Instalately time!

8:53:00 AM

  • Going through all my old CD's to make the playlist for Subway's Christmas party last week
  • The balloons just made my night
  • <3
  • Ugly Christmas sweater party with some amazing ladies from high school
  • Santa's following me on Twitter... Better be on my best behavior
  • Yesterday's excursions to get wrapping paper for all the kiddos Christmas presents {this was the third trip to get paper... Vastly underestimated the amount we would need}
  • Oh just some Captain and Jack hanging out in the closet at work
  • All our pups {white one is Pujols [pronounced pudgols] my parents dog, my two girls in their PJ's and the black one is Zorro, my sisters little boy} waiting patiently for some bacon at breakfast
  • Andrew and I devoured about half of this tray of goodies last night
  • I finally found an angel for the top of my tree, soooo entirely excited about this
  • Andrew & I went on a carriage ride last night with some friends to see Christmas lights at Tilles Park in their Winter Wonderland
  • The best shot of the lights I could get while moving in the carriage :)
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  1. That's awesome about santa! Love the pups!

  2. Fun! I love instagram posts :)! I love the little tid bits into people's lives!

  3. I am seriously so jealous that Santa follows you on Twitter...


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