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 "The if Game" with...

1. If you could relive any memory in your life, tell us what it would be, and what/if anything you would change about it?

I would have to say, our wedding day. It went by so fast & there are a million little things that I wish I could remember & just relive over again. I appreciated that entire day of course but people tell you, "It will go by so fast" & you swear "Yeah, but I'm prepared"... Um, no... There's no way you can be prepared. So yes, I would love to re-live that entire day over again, knowing what to expect.

2. If you could be any celebrity or well-known person, show us who you would be.

Lea Michele- I just love her, you can check out my post dedicated to her style HERE

3. If you won the lottery, tell us would take the lump sum or take the money overtime, would you continue working or quit right away, would you reveal who you are, and what are some of the first things you would spend with your money?

I would figure out how I would receive the most money. I would probably continue to work {go down to part time of course} for a little bit at least. I would spend much more time finishing up & promoting my book, with that amount of money I would be able to market it the correct way & go all out. I would want to keep my identity private for sure, my family & close friends would know but that would be about it. I would move Andrew & I into my dream home {look below lol}. Then I would want to buy my parents & my husband's mom new homes {if they would accept it of course}. I would also set up a plan where I would donate a certain amount of money each month to some of my favorite charities. Other than that I would definitely live comfortably {& help out my family & friends anyway that I could} but saving would be key!

4. If you could live anywhere, show us where it would be and tell us why.

So I wouldn't change my City or State, I love St. Louis & plan on living here forever. However, this house, is my dream home! I used to drive by it every time I would go to class in college. I mean, the front, looks like a fricken Christmas card. I am in love. THEN about two years ago, it went on the market... & I was sad, first off, this house was listed at roughly $500,000... Yeah, no way we could afford that. Now if they would wait & put it on the market in say, ten/fifteen years...  MAYBE then {let's be real, probably still not but there would be a better chance}. BUT I did get a glimpse of the inside once it went on the market... Absolutely love everything about this house. **Currently it's not for sale anymore, & since it hadn't sold for about 6 months I'm hoping they just gave up & are holding onto it for a few more years, just for me!! haha**

5. If you could have one magic power, what would be and what would you do with it?

The ability to fly would be pretty cool. I wouldn't have to pay for gas, traveling would be a breeze & being able to see the world from a bird's eye view everyday would just be awesome!

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  1. Flying would be fun!! I would like to relive my wedding too. It was such a blur.


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  2. I always get so nervous when people say that your wedding day flies by... but they ALWAYS say it. Ah! ONE day, I'm totally going to be Googling HOW to take it all in. haha

  3. Wedding day is such a good choice of a day to relive! I seriously have almost no memory of the day. Probably because I was so busy/excited/thinking about a lifetime commitment...It would be fun to experience it in a relaxed way. :P

  4. Aw I just visited St. Louis for my cousins wedding the end of August! & All the houses and places near the college looked exactly like the photos you have of your dream home! So cute!

    xoxo would love if you could follow me!



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