My Lovely Sponsors & Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday everyone!! I could not be happier that this week is over, seriously, this girl needs a break. Speaking of breaks, today I am actually off work due to a wedding I will be attending a little ways away this evening. So with my free day what am I going to do? Run around and get things done that I haven't had time for the past few weeks, fun right? Not so much. {this includes getting the pups groomed & little Miss Mab HATES baths, last time I tried to give her a bath she almost took out my entire shower curtain and rod making a run for it... Should be an entertaining day}

Okay so there are a few wonderful ladies I would like to introduce you all to today. These ladies have amazing blogs & I would highly recommend you go and check them out...

"Lover of all things Chardonnay & Sarcasm"
**I personally love this girl & think her blog is amaze-balls!**

 I write a lifestyle blog. I talk about absolutely everything on my blog; struggles, endeavors, things that make me happy, things that make me mad, fashion, my relationship.. If it's a part of my life, I blog about it. I keep my blog honest, no sugar coating. I enjoy being able to connect with so many people who can relate to my writing. But, I will always blog for me.


I'm Brooke, an almost 30 something living in the Bluegrass State! I blog about everything from fashion, weight loss and life's highs and lows!

Seriously I love these ladies & their blogs and am so happy that they have decided to sponsor me this month :)

With this I am going to leave you with one of my favorite wedding pictures of Andrew & I in honor of the wedding we will be attending tonight...

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Yay! :) happy Friday! Have a fab weekend!!!

  2. I agree! These are some fabulous ladies and I LOVE that picture of the two of you :) Hope you had fun at the wedding!


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