It's Okay!

9:47:00 AM


... That things aren't okay in different parts of my life right now

... That I don't see eye to eye with everyone

... That I stand up for myself, how I feel & what I think instead of rolling over and surrendering to everyone else's thoughts and opinions all the time

... That I am extremely not motivated to do anything right now

... That I can NOT wait for this day to be over {I'm off to a wedding tomorrow so that means no working for this girl on Friday!}

... That drinking copious amounts of wine on a regular basis is what I need to de-stress myself

... That I am constantly worrying about the future, what's next, where are things going to go, and not having the answers drives me crazy

... That I'm totally and completely obsessed in love with the STL Cardinals right now

... That I just feel completely lost & sometimes defeated

... To put myself first, above anyone else, for once

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  1. i am always up for a glass of wine. It just makes the night better.

  2. I'll join you in the wine drinking aspect! And try not to stress it. That will only add to the problems and drama and all that yucky horrible stuff!!

    Try to have an amazing Thursday! On the Bright side you don't work tomorrow!!

    xoxo Yesi <333

  3. That was a great post! I love the honest and can totally relate! I feel lost a lot and definitely deal with feeling defeated. So jealous that today is your Friday! Enjoy!

  4. I am not motivated to do anything either! And copious amounts of wine is always OK :)

  5. Sooo.....I feel exactly the same way about almost every single thing you just posted.....gahh!! Life. I wish I was closer to drink wine with you!

  6. I de stress with wine ALOT! You are not alone there, sista!

  7. It is definitely ok to feel these things! We all go through this at times. {Hugs}


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