I know I'm crazy...

11:36:00 AM

Okay so we all have a little crazy in us. Some may have more than others & I'll be the first to admit, I may just be one of those people...

I'm linking up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple today & am going to share with all of you, my lovely readers, what may {or may not} make me crazy!

I have a horrible fear of sitting in a room, any room, in pitch dark. The lights MUST be on. Andrew on the other hand, loves to just sit and watch TV in the dark, the whole house, dark... Drives me insane. Does that make me crazy?

I can't sleep without the fan on. I just can't. Oh, and while we are on this topic, the bedroom door has to be closed, the closet doors have to be closed otherwise this girl just won't sleep. Which is weird because growing up, I couldn't sleep if the door was closed, it had to be open... Crazy how things change, huh? Does that make me crazy?

I can't stand it when people fold a piece of paper but don't completely fold the edges. There has to be a perfect crease in any piece of paper that I fold {& if I see other people who don't do that, I just can't even handle it...} Does that make me crazy?

That I absolutely hate it when Andrew does the laundry lol. I love him dearly but it just drives me nuts, I have a system and when that system is disturbed it messes up the next few loads. Sure, I wait until the laundry ABSOLUTELY needs to be done most of the time before I get to doing it but it always is done, and it's done the right way... Sorry dear, just saying. Does that make me crazy?

On the said laundry topic, my entire life is a cluttered & jumbled up mess, I'll be the first person to admit that. I consider it an organized mess. Anyway, my sock and underwear drawer has to be perfectly organized, socks must be matched and folded correctly and all my underwear has to be folded and stacked in the same direction. Does that make me crazy?

I love CD's, yes I have an iPod that I use every now & then but when I'm driving, I love using my old school six CD changer & fill that baby up & listen to old mixed CD's I made when I was twelve. You should hear some of these... Ridic. I was told recently that they're going to stop making CD's & I got upset. Yes, I realize I can put all my CD's on my iPod & listen to them all but it's not the same, I can tell you, from listening to a song, what song is going to come next. It will break my heart when I can't buy them anymore. Sometimes technology just needs to stop Does that make me crazy?

Last, but not least, I want a LARGE family. I've always wanted a bunch of kids, like eight... I've since realized that's a bit intense so I've changed to only wanting five {pause for your gasp}. I realize that this most likely won't happen but it's just what I've always wanted. Of course I will be thrilled and happy with whatever happens and whatever life has in store but it's just a want of mine. Does that make me crazy? {Maybe this one you guys don't have to answer haha}

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  1. I hate sitting in the dark especially alone!

    And I too love me some CDs.

  2. I am the exact same way about sleeping! Fan must be on & all doors have to be closed or else I'll just lay there staring at them picturing an ax murderer walking in at any second. When I was younger, I used to cry if my mom shut the door. Crazy how we change!

  3. We sleep with the fan on every night! We have to have the noise!!!!!! Even if it's cold outside! LOL!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  4. We are so the same! I HAVE to have the fan on too no matter what. And same with all the doors! Haha! I love this linkup!

  5. hahahah you're hilarious!
    I am the same about the dark, I hate it - if it's too dark then I am freakin out!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  6. I still use cd's too! I totally rely on them in the car. And while I lay out in the backyard, actually.


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