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1. Miss Mab passed out after our walk /// 2. Margarita's for my Birthday, went out for Mexican with Andrew to celebrate /// 3. My Birthday spread made by my parents, Red Velvet, German Chocolate & Yellow cupcakes along with the most amazing pudding layered cake ever {there were only 6 of us to eat all of this...} OH & my dad even made a nifty little raised platform so the cupcakes sat out all nicely /// 4. Sporting my new scarf, skulls & hearts, $10 at Charlotte Russe /// 5. Storms galore around these parts, that was at about 4:30, all the street lights were on /// 6. This is probably my fourth Pumpkin Spice Latte so far, I'm obsessed {& by the time this post goes up I will probably have had at least one more!} /// 7. Speaking of pumpkin spice, have you guys checked out Neely's giveaway on her blog A Complete Waste of Makeup?! Just go check it out, win yourself a latte or two ;) /// 8. Red Velvet cupcake sandwich. My mother introduced me to this nifty trick, pull off the bottom of the cupcake and place it on top over the icing, seriously best thing ever... You get the perfect amount of icing in each bite WITHOUT making a mess with it {it may not impress you but it has made me a happy girl} /// 9. Last but DEFINITELY not least, our wonderful pups welcomed us home from vacation in amazing style. Can they get any cuter?!?

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  1. Okay, love your pics! Happy Birthday! Margaritas, cupcakes, cute new scarf...sounds like a good birthday to me : ) That picture and your puppies - SO cute! And the cupcake idea? MIND BLOWN. Because it's almost not worth eating the rest of the cupcake once the icing's gone. Almost.


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