If you REALLY knew me...

10:04:00 AM

If you REALLY knew me, you would know that...

I'm extremely impulsive & have a tendency to act on a whim

I tend to act on my emotions & have a horrible issue with over thinking everything

I hate confrontation, I would rather sit back and hold in my feelings instead of lash out {But when I do lash out, it's horrible & takes a lot to get me to that place}

I am self conscious to a fault, it's horrible & I'm trying to work on it

I would rather read a good book & have a nice glass of wine instead of going out on a Friday night

If I don't have at least one cup of coffee in the morning you just don't want to deal with me; sometimes {let's be real, most of the time} one cup just won't cut it either

I have successfully filled up two and a half closets with clothes and shoes, I really need to go through them and donate a bunch of stuff

I want to grow my hair long enough and then cut it off to donate to locks of love

I'm extremely loyal but I can forgive... There's no point in holding onto to anger if it's unnecessary to

I treat my puppies like my children, I have conversations with them on a daily basis & of course I act like they respond {it's okay, they love me the most}

On Thanksgiving I will sit and watch every FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode, just has to happen

I own every season of Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The OC, Sex and the City, Laguna Beach, The Hills, Supernatural, FRIENDS & Glee on DVD {Safe to say I watch way too much television}

I have a tendency to get bored easily, I'll start a project and half way through stop to start another... I do end up going back and finishing the first one, it just might take me a while {I know this drives Andrew nuts but I can't help it}

I did Gymnastics my entire childhood {& into high school}; Best sport ever, just saying!

I have ran two half marathons & am working on training for my third this November

I have to sleep with the bedroom door closed, the closet door closed all the way, and the fan on {If these things aren't done, I won't sleep}

I don't like football... I apologize to those of you who absolutely love it, I just don't really care for it, I don't fully understand it all {but I do enjoy tailgating and all of the Sunday festivities that go along with football}

I absolutely can not wait for the premier's of Sons of Anarchy & Supernatural this Fall {Thanks to Andrew for getting me into these two shows lol, definitely not my normal cup of tea so to speak}

My favorite breakfast is two whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and jelly {a breakfast PBJ!}

I love like crazy & do trust blindly, I always will give the benefit of the doubt & do my best to give as many chances as I can to people... however if you cross me too many times I will take myself out of the situation.

So that's pretty much me! I hope you enjoyed :P

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  1. We have so much in common :) Gymnast my whole life too! All the doors need to be shut and fan on or I cant sleep either, its ridiculous.

  2. Ummm....we may or may not have been separated at birth. I, too, don't fully understand football, but tailgatin rocks my socks off. Also, I've run 2 half marathons and am currently training for my third in October! Also, my dogs are humans...with four legs and a tail. Most of all, I overthink EVERYTHING, get my feelings hurt constantly, and unavoidingly trust/love everyone on sight.


  3. Oh how I love The OC.. I was sooo upset when they cancelled it.

  4. omg! i have to sleep with the door closed, closet shut & my fan on too...every.single.night! hahah love it! omg i was obsessed with The OC!! i need to get the dvds! Who doesn't treat their pets like kids these days? I cant be friends with anyone who does not....hahah! xoxoox

  5. I think we're the same person! I overthink everything! It's horrible

  6. I have to have my coffee too, and I would most definitely rather stay in on a Friday night! I agree with Kelly, who doesn't have pets for kids these days? People keep asking me when we are having kids and I say "We already have a child. Weiser ;)" Haha.


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