If you are a NO-REPLY comment blogger... This tutorial is for you :)

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Lately I have been receiving extremely sweet comments from a lot of bloggers, some even comment quite often & I would love to be able to respond personally to them through email but unfortunately can not.

I admit it... I was one of these bloggers at first! That was until Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect pointed this out & sent me a link to a tutorial so I could change {which I am very grateful for :)}The tutorial she gave me can be found HERE.  I am more of a visual learner so this tutorial, while great, took me a while to break down & actually implement.

Don't know if you're a No-Reply blogger? Well here's a little tutorial to show you how to check & see as well as how to change it if you are!

Here we go...

I have been hearing a lot of people having issues with GOOGLE+ when it comes to the No-Reply thing, so I am sticking with BLOGGER {apparently it may have something to do with a security thing? idk}. ANYWAY, go to your BLOGGER Dashboard, it will look like the image above, and click on your pretty picture in the upper right hand corner...

When you click on the picture a little box will pop up, & it will look like the one in the picture^^ Click on Blogger Profile.

After clicking Blogger Profile you will be taken to this screen... Pretty simple right? Now all you have to do is click on Edit Profile in the upper right hand corner...

Finally you will be taken to this screen where you are able to change your settings... Make sure the box next to "Show My email Address" is checked {if it's not, you ARE a NO-REPLY comment blogger}... CHECK IT IMMEDIATELY IF IT ISN'T! Then go down to the line that says "EMAIL ADDRESS" and make sure the email address that is in this box is where you want your comments & replies to go, if you wish to put in a different email, go for it!
All you have to do now is scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Save" & there you have it! You will be receiving responses to your comments in no time {As well as emails whenever someone comments on your posts!!!}

If you have any questions feel free to email me scribblendash [at] gmail [dot] come

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! I was "one of those bloggers" and am so glad I was able to change it with a tutorial. Now I feel awful when people comment on my blog and I have no way of responding to them. I wish I could "retweet this" haha..

  2. brilliant. thanks for this! i am now on my way to find out what i am! Love the blog girl, found you from Messy.Dirty.Hair.

  3. I love this, there should be way more of these tutorials.


  4. I had my blogger connected to my Google+ and, therefore, I was a "no reply" blogger. I've now switched back to the blogger profile. Is there a way to link with Google+ AND allow people to respond personally to your comments?

    Penniless Socialite

  5. I used to be a no-reply blogger, I simply didn't even know I wasn't getting emails! I had no idea how to do this!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  6. new follower from the messy.dirty.hair. giveaway! so excited to read more of your posts :) please come check out my blog as well, and follow along :D


  7. Thank you for posting this! I can't believe I haven't done that yet. Great tutorial & loving your blog!

  8. BEST.POST.EVER. seriously such a huge help! THANK YOU :)

  9. Yay, love that you're spreading the word & showing people how to fix it! I hate when I can't reply back to someone!

  10. So glad you did this! I too always feel sad when I can't return the comments!!


  11. Yay! I hope everyone reads this! There are so many times I'll be responding to a comment & realize they're no reply. Makes me sad! I pinned this too!! Xo

  12. I love all these steps. I am keeping this link because people always ask me how to fix it. Great steps!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting! I had to switch back from Google+, because I think that's why mine keeps switching to no-reply...Hopefully, I took care of the problem :)

  14. GREAT post! I always check from time to time to see if I am or not!:)


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