Falling for Fall {Outfit Post}

7:30:00 AM

Shirts & Pants: Marshalls, Shoes{Left}: Target, Shoes{Right}: Payless
Okay so I need to get over my insecurities & start having Andrew take actual pictures with my nice camera for future outfit post's. {There's just something about having photos taken of me that makes me uncomfortable... Suggestions to get over this?!}

ANYWAY... This past weekend I went a little crazy when shopping at Marshall's. Honestly, I never shop there, I always pass it up and go straight to the mall. Well I can now say that will not be the case anymore!! I spent a decent amount of money but got SO much cute stuff for Fall, seriously it was ahhhh-mazing!!!!

The outfit on the left... I want this shirt in every single color. I'm a huge fan of blouses like these but never even considered buying on in a cotton material, boy was I missing out! This shirt is seriously the most comfortable thing I've worn in a while! The skinnies {I have them on right now} were such a lovely find, I have a huge issue finding jeans that fit me. I have large thighs & a small-ish waist which makes finding jeans that fit & look decent on me, HARD. Again, I want these in every color they had... Bonus?! They were each only $15, total steal! **The boots, which you can't really see... I believe they are from Target but I bought them last year so I forget all the details but they are my go-to flat brown boots for fall & winter!**

Now onto the outfit on the right. Jeans, same as the outfit above. The sleeveless blouse {which has a solid black collar, apparently collar's are in this season, personally not a huge fan, so this is as close as I'll get to that trend... You can't really see it but I promise it's there!} was extremely comfortable and so light weight. I wore a black tank underneath it because it was a little see-through. This blouse was $20, $20 well spent! My shoes I bought last year sometime from Payless, I think they were $15 but I don't really remember. I paired this outfit with my faux leather jacket to walk from bar to bar {wore it out Saturday night with my girls!}. I also ended up changing my shoes to some boots I bought from Target so this is what it ended up looking like...

***Pay no attention to my crazy hair, I was not entirely prepared to take this picture obviously***

So what do you think, hits or misses?!

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  1. Neeeeeeed some of those blouses for myself. How absolutely perfect with leggings and boots. Ahhh.. Need to go shopping now. Damn you!

  2. I recently scavenged Marshall's for the first time and was very impressed myself. I have the same problem with jeans because I played soccer for so many years and now I'm a runner; huge thighs! My waist is small in comparison to them. Great finds!


  3. I haven't been to Marshall's in forever. That's so awesome that you scored some cute stuff! About taking pictures, just do it! You are cute. You will look great!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. I absolutely LOVE the outfits! I love blouses like that too, they're the most comfy thing I've ever worn!

  5. I LOVE your outfits, the tops are totally adorable. Love all the boots you've selected too - makes Fall seem a bit less daunting to me - I hate the cold =(

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Love the outfits!! I have a date with Marshall's this Friday and I cannot wait. I always find SO much stuff there and always at a good price.

  7. Super cute finds! I am also obsessed with blouses like that! Old Navy has a TON of them right now...I'm hoping they put them on sale soon so I can buy multiples, ha! They are putting in a Marshalls about a mile from my house and I literally can not wait!

  8. ah i love marshalls! you can really find some GREAT stuff there! i really love you in red!

  9. Love Marshalls and TJ Maxx! These are total hits! And I would love to see some outfit posts!!! You can do it! I have the faith!!

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    Thank You.
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  11. I love fall clothes too....I just wish it would cool off enough for me to wear some of them

  12. Im a fan of a tripod and timer. Tyler always makes me feel so stupid when he takes pictures ;-)


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