Fall Tv Time & Oh, How Pinteresting...

10:36:00 AM

We are half way there! Yay!

Okay so before I get started blowing your mind with my amazing pins I want to talk about something that has recently taken over my life...
Fall TV. 
I feel like things went from
 "oh, there's nothing on tonight" 
 "holy crap! what are we going to cut out?!" 
in the matter of days.
On the line up we have...
Dancing with the Stars {All Stars}; Castle; Sons of Anarchy; Glee; Law and Order: SVU; Bones; The Mob DoctorPartners; Revolution; Go On; The Middle; Modern Family; Supernatural; Person of Interest
BUT what I really want to vent about right now...
*****If you haven't watch SoA yet, now might be the time that you want to cover your eyes and scroll down to see the lovely pins*****
If you have watched... Let's chat. WTF?! This show sure keeps you on your toes, killing Opie off, really?!? Personally I see all hell breaking loose now, he was Jax's conscience in a LOT of ways. To be honest, I couldn't even watch {ask Andrew} I had my hands over my eyes the whole time! What about his kids, is Lyla going to be a bigger character this season because of it?! OH, and did anyone else catch Ashley Tisdale in the episode?! Apparently she has a recurring role. I'm interested to see her play the role of an escort. There is just so much going on & so many unanswered questions like, was the Juice on the floor bleeding at the end?! I don't know if I could handle another character being killed off. Will Jax kill Clay? Will Wendy get some form of custody of Abel? Will Jax go after his mom for giving Wendy an opening? Will Tara finally lose her shit? I could go on forever but I will leave it at this... If you watched & want to chat further, just shoot me an email!!

Now let's get down to business.
I've been a pretty busy Pinning-bee & here's just a few of my faves...



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  1. The DOG UMBRELLA... I can't. Dead.

    PS. My DVR is already full and I have no idea what to do about it or when I'm going to be able to catch up with all of these shows.

  2. I think that ecard may be my NEW fave!!! Bahahahaha!
    I am also having the same prob that Whitney is having - they need to make DVR's with bigger space!

  3. Love that first outfit, that hat is too cute!
    Also that fifty shades ecard - hilarious! Literally laughed out loud.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. HOLY COW! that dog umbrella is genius!!! Obsessed.

    AND i actually just repinned that baby sunglasses photo So adorable.
    Just dropping in from the link up! Have a fab wednesday!

  5. What did you think of Revolution? I really liked the pilot. I totally know what you mean about there being nothing on and then suddenly all the good shows come back. Best part of fall!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. I'm not up on any of the new shows, but I see that the blog world is abuzz! I do like Modern Family, and I was told that I need to watch Two Broke Girls.

  7. Love the doggy umbrella! Our little miss priss could probably use something like that when it rains :-P

  8. HI....I'm a new follower! Great Pins...Great Blog!
    Love the bathtub book and wine holder. I need one of those! And I'm loving the clothes.

  9. Love these pins! The superman outfit it too cute!

  10. Did you see the Person of Interest season premiere? Oh my god.

  11. That dog umbrella is fantastic, I need two!


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