Our Story Part 3

8:45:00 AM

I wish I could say that that's the end to it all {Part 2} & that we went on from there and ended up here today. Unfortunately, I can't, there is much more. Our first year together was amazing, I was still working for him so we had to find that balance between our own personal relationship & our work one. Let me tell you, if you haven't worked with your boyfriend/girlfriend just don't even try it, it was hard & definitely added some unnecessary stress on the relationship.

Andrew never did care for pictures lol {2007}

My prom {2007}

Easter {2008}

Halloween 2008
After about a year and a half into our relationship we broke up {July 2008}. I was feeling very overwhelmed at the time {With my family, friends, school work & him} & just needed a break. It didn't take me too entirely long to realize how big of a mistake I made. During our time apart I did anything and everything to keep my mind off of him & our relationship. After a while, though it became crystal clear to me {& to him} just how much we were meant to be together.

New Years {'08-'09} back to our normal selves! :P
On my 20th birthday {September 2, 2008}, after a little over a month apart, we got back together. We still had our ups & downs, but what relationship doesn't? But we were happy & we were together :)

My Parish's Picnic {May 2009} we help out every year, Andrew reluctantly lol

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