Our Story Part 2

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Come December of 2006 I was still on/off with that boyfriend mentioned in {Our Story Part 1} & still taking a keen liking to Andrew. Our first date-ish... You want to talk about dense, that was me at this time. I had originally planned on going ice skating with the boyfriend-ish guy & a couple of our friends, and I thought it would be a good idea to invite Andrew to come along with us. He did & it was just weird. Andrew & I were seemingly in the beginning stages of something and I was at the end of something with the previous boyfriend, having them in the same place at the same time was a horrible idea now that I look back, but in the moment I just wanted to spend time with Andrew, & I had already had previous plans... Anyway, there wasn't any arguing or bickering with anyone it just was.

A few nights later Andrew asked me {or maybe I asked him, I don't remember how it all came up} to go see Christmas lights with him. I agreed, this was the night before Christmas Eve for a time reference. It was just him and I, it was such a good time. We ended up at Friday's afterwards for something to eat, our first {actual} date! :) When I got home and he had left my dad had asked me why I didn't invite him in, and I began regretting that I hadn't, so I got out my phone and texted him asking him to come back... He did. Not only that but once he was there, there was a knock on the door & the boyfriend-ish guy was there with one of his friends, super awkward again! Things just didn't seem to be going our way at this point, so we all hung out, weirdly for a little bit & then they went home. Once they left I realized that I missed having anymore time to spend just with Andrew. {Looking back I seriously don't know why he didn't run the other way, fast!}

Our very FIRST picture together! :)

Christmas Day arrived and my dad's side of the family came over for dinner and gifts, the whole time Andrew & I were texting {insert the *aww* here} Once they had gone I had the boyfriend-ish guy come over & I officially officially ended things with him. Yes I know, I'm a horrible person, who does that on Christmas? Well, me. I felt bad but things had gone on weirdly for a long period of time & I was tired of the way things had been with us for a while, no use in dragging it out any longer.

Andrew & I spending our first New Years together {'06-'07}

The next day {December 26th} Andrew & I spent a lot of time together, watching movies and just goofing around. It was so much fun to finally not have the weight of a relationship that was strained and just to be able to enjoy myself with someone that I genuinely enjoyed spending time with. {Such a change from how I felt about it a year and a half earlier} On December 27th 2006 Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend & of course, I said yes. The next few days we spent in that "new relationship" state, in fact it lasted for quite a while actually. We spent our first New Years together & I remember thinking what better way to ring in the new year than with a new *amazing* guy! :)

Snow day, we had to make snowmen of course {Early 2007}

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