Keeping It Cool - BUFF CoolNet UV+ Headwear - Product Review

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"Disclaimer: I received BUFF CoolNet UV+ to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"
Where do I start with this product?!
I absolutely LOVE any and all BUFF products, let's go ahead and start there.

Since joining the BibRave family in 2017 I was immediately introduced to the BUFF brand and was immediately hooked. As Pro's we had opportunities to test out this product in the past and every single time I throw my name into the ring.

These are products that I truly believe in, products that I USE on a regular basis when I run. I own multiple BUFF's, have shared them with my family and friends and love hearing their experiences using them as well! Anytime I can turn someone on to a really great quality product is a good day.

So what makes this particular BUFF so special?!

Well first off, immediately opening the package I just felt the difference. This product is SO light weight, much lighter than any of my other BUFF's. According to their website this is because the CoolNet UV BUFF's are "made from ultra-light high-tech materials that reduce weight up to 20% less than the Original Multi-functional Head-wear." (source) Making this BUFF perfect for the Summertime heat. They are made with HeiQ® moisture management technology that pulls sweat away from your skin and into their evaporative cooling fabric design, so you stay cool, light and comfortable. (source)

They also offer sun protection as well, if you didn't already pick up on that from the name of this collection. They are rated UPF 50+ and are recommended and certified by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

I absolutely love my traditional BUFF's and will constantly be reaching for them still as well, however I definitely see many more of these CoolNet UV+ BUFF's making their way into my collection as well!

If you're wanting to get your hands on one of these bad boys go ahead and follow this link -  - Sign up for their newsletter and you'll receive a coupon code valid for 15% off your order.


I hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July week!!!


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