Tunnel Hill Training - Week Two!

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Boy has this week been a roller coaster of emotions.
Coming off of a great first week I was super pumped to jump head first into week two.
I was feeling super good about everything, physically and mentally.
I can honestly say that I have never felt that good at the beginning of a training cycle, usually I'm super tired and just burned out from kicking it up a notch.

Little did I know, my body was going to send me the message loud and clear during this weeks long run, that I may have pushed it a little too hard out of the gate.
Which truthfully is always my issue at races so it seems a bit poetic that it may have been the case during the training of my biggest race yet.

Let's break down the week...

Day 1 : Monday 7-30-18

Day 2 : Tuesday 7-31-18

Got in my fartlek miles on the treadmill. Still was feeling quite upbeat and felt as though I was pushing myself just enough but not too much. I was super happy with my times for this run!

Day 3 : Wednesday 8-1-18
Easy trail miles

I was so excited to meet up with a group of runners for this run! We met at 4am, which was a bit daunting but I couldn't wait! It's always fun to find a group of people who have just the same amount of crazy in them, that they, too, will get up that early just to get in a run! I definitely plan on meeting up with this group from time to time during this training cycle. I can't wait to get in more runs with them and learn from them along the way!

Day 4 : Thursday 8-2-18
Easy miles and Strides

I have never done strides before but was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had with them! I'm a fan of speed work and playing around on my runs so these were right up my alley. Whenever I can get out and do something different, it keeps me motivated to keep going!

Day 5 : Friday 8-3-18
Easy track miles

Got out on the track with my track running lady! Again, I can't stress how lucky I am to have a friend who meets me at the track at 5 am pretty much any day of the week! Neither of us like the idea of being out there on our own so running at the same time is just perfect. We both have the drive and need, but also love the accountability of having one another to lean on! 

These miles were easy, I didn't feel like I was pushing too hard or anything, I was just having fun!

Day 6 : Saturday 8-4-18
Long Run

Okay. So this is when it all started to unravel.
I woke up and felt okay. I decided I'd wait until the afternoon to get my run in, not the best decision I've made, it was HOT and I mean HOT and HUMID.
By the time I was getting out there I knew that I was going to have to slow it wayyyyy down.
First 3.5 miles of the 6 were fine, slower than what I've been hitting but I knew I needed to preserve my energy.
At mile 3.5 something in my body just said "Enough is enough!" and my legs started cramping and tightening up.
I stepped to the side of the road, took a Gatorade Endurance Gel and shook it out.
I decided to slow it down even more in hopes that I could hold a decent time but still feeling good.
This didn't happen.
Mile 5 was no fun and by mile 6 I was basically walking more than I was running.
It was a reality check basically.
I had been feeling so great, I felt totally and utterly defeated.
To top it off, I was running an out and back from my house and overshot my out by about a mile and a half!
So I hit my 6 mile long run and had to walk about 1.5 miles back home.
I immediately texted my coach on my way home and she was there for me the entire way. Helping me get through it, giving me the advice that I needed to get through it.
I got home, hydrated like crazy, took an ice bath and chilled out the rest of the night.

This run was definitely the first hurdle, of what I'm sure will be many, of my training cycle.
I am proud to say that I have it behind me.
I'm looking forward to this next week, taking it a little slower and just letting my body get used to the mileage and workouts.
Reigning it in has never been my thing, but I'll do my absolute best to do what I need to for my body and training!

Day 7 : Sunday 8-5-18

Due to Saturday's run, my coach instructed that taking Sunday off may be the best choice! I had to agree with that assessment and let myself rest and recuperate! 

I hope everyone's weekend was awesome and here's to another week, let's do this!!


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