Alpine Race Series - Sponsored by Sworkit - Race ONE & TWO Review

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I am running The Alpine Shop Trail Series sponsored by SWORKIT

Trail running, oh how I love trail running.
The past few months I've been exclusively road and treadmill running so last week, getting back out in nature, I was immediately at peace.
I can't really describe it other than that, pure peace.
Trails are definitely my happy place!

So, The Alpine Shop Trail Series is one that has been put on for some years and it's the first year I'm participating.
It's 4 weeks, 4 races, 4 different courses.
We find out the course the Monday before the race!

The first two weeks have been such a huge success and such big ego boosts for me personally!

*Course Map*

Morning Prep!

This course was so much fun, the first half was pretty much all up hill but the second was all down. Personally I rock at the downhill part so flying down that trail was such a blast! We also did have one creek crossing, which we were warned about, however nothing will compare to that Chubb experience and the many many water crossings and swamped feet. I really felt like this race went by super quick and this being the first time in months I was out on a trail, I was a bit sad when it was over!

Creek Crossing

Week One Results:
Overall : 166/236
Age Group Women : 29/43
Time : 48:28
Pace : 12:07

Nothing better than my boys being at the finish line!

THIS is my INCREDIBLE coach, Jaime... This woman is the BOMB!!!

Not only is this race incredible for the trail aspect, it's also like a big bbq with tons of friends. After each race we get to sit and hang out, eat some awesome food, drinks provided as well! They also have giveaways each week and it's just one big party. I do have to say, runners know how to party but TRAIL runners seriously know what's up!

*Course Map*

Again, hanging with our coach, Jaime, before the race!!!

OY! This course was a tough one. Not only was it super hilly, it was hot and humid, making this race definitely a test of will and strength on everyone's part. I had ran part of this trail before, the first intense uphill section. I ran in a couple years ago with my best friend and it was actually the first trail I ran, ever! So a little nostalgia was in play along with the dread of knowing the steepness and the fact that, when you think you're at the top, you're not, it just keeps going!

Along with so much ascent there was plenty of descent as well, and again, downhill is my jam, I can fly and I love it so much! I was a little nervous about the course being wet and muddy due to rain the day before but it really wasn't bad at all in that regard!

I do have to say, my legs are a bit sore this morning, so I'll be cross training and resting today to gear up for tomorrows long run!

Week Two Results:
Overall : 168/246
Age Group Women : 29/45
Time : 53:07
Pace : 13:17


So along with running to train for this series, cross training is KEY to any runner. I am so lucky to have an incredible partner in SWORKIT and have the ability to use this app to strengthen up my body to be able to crush this trail series. Each week I'm going to highlight a new workout from the Runner's Series of workouts Sworkit has put out!

Since I didn't get a full review up last week, I'm going to highlight TWO workouts this week.

These two workouts are two of my favorites, two of my GO-TO workouts from the app!


Stretching, my one downfall. I'm so bad at stretching, not that I can't do it but that I always forget and by the time I remember I am so run down it just isn't something that I want to do, therefore skipping it all together. SO I've been trying to incorporate this workout into my routine and NOT letting myself skip it! So add this workout to your SWORKIT queue and join me in working on the stretch!!


It's so easy to fall into the trap that running is enough. After all, we're training for a race, running should be the only thing we need to do, right?! WRONG! It is SOOO important to strengthen up every muscle in your body to prepare for those long runs and races. Running incorporates every single muscle in your body so by strengthening those muscles up you're going to make the experience better, easier and more fun all around! I love strength training and specifically strength training geared towards runners so this is definitely another GO-TO workout of mine!!

Well that's it for this week, be sure to check back next week for my race recap and the Sworkit workout I'll be promoting!! Also be sure to follow along on my Instagram where I'll be sharing the workout in my stories as well!!

Happy Friday!!


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