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It's hot.
Let's not even pretend.
It's humid and it's miserable.

Running outdoors is difficult during this time of the year, at least for those of us in areas where heat and humidity are at their absolute worst.

My go - to Track Workout drink!

As a runner, it's even more difficult to make sure my body stays hydrated, well really because I stink at it most other times as well. Add in the heat and you would think I would be better about it, unfortunately it's always an afterthought.

My main reason for this?
I HATE adding in the extra calories and sugars.
I always think that just water will do it for me.
While water is an EXCELLENT way to hydrate on a run it's not the only thing our bodies need.

We are sweating out all sorts of fun stuff on a run and we need certain types of drinks/foods to refuel properly in order to not keel over in extreme exhaustion and pain.

Bottom line, electrolyte drinks are a must.

We all know the go-to's that are out there, and while they are great they just didn't meet my needs all around.
I run a lot, yes, but I don't run 60+ minutes every single day.
There are days I only get out there for 20-30 minutes and in that period of time, sure I need a supplement to rehydrate with, but I DON'T need those extra calories or all that sugar that is necessary for longer or more intense runs.

When I got the opportunity to test out Ultima's Electrolyte Replenishing formula I jumped at the chance.
I love the idea of just how much thought has gone into their product.
"Never, ever will we add unnecessary calories especially from high fructose corn syrup. The American diet is loaded with sugar already. Ultima is sweetened with Stevia leaf and is labeled as Rebaudioside A." SOURCE.

I love that I know I am refueling during and after my runs with a product that takes what I want and need and makes it a reality.
I love feeling good about the supplements that I am taking, and I love knowing that I'm not adding in unnecessary calories or additives that other products are so quick to put into their products, specifically for those shorter yet intense summer time runs!

If you're interested in checking them out follow this link:

And use code ULTIMABR

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