The Down Time

7:30:00 AM

Getting in a few outdoor miles in the heat before jumping in the pool

It's really weird, this period of time in between a huge goal race (Hospital Hill) and the start of training for another pretty big race this Fall (Tunnel Hill 50 mile).

I have no training plan to follow.
I have no set amount of miles I need to hit.
No speed work to dread or look forward to.
I'm basically just doing what I want, when I want.

Honestly, it kind of stinks.

I love having a plan on paper.
I love crossing out each workout once it's completed.
I love having that accountability and knowing what needs to be done.
I love seeing myself get stronger.

This day, I got in one mile before it started pouring down rain. I knew it was going to rain but had to do something so I forced myself outside, also got to test out my new GOODR glasses too!

Yes, I know I could always make up a small plan with no race at the end.
I absolutely could do that, and even started writing one up but I just didn't have that fire inside of me, that excitement just wasn't there because I'm so goal oriented and with no goal race at the end, there was no drive to really follow through.

Does that make me crazy? Yeah, probably.
Do I still run regularly? Yes, absolutely.

My track buddy!! It's been nice having someone to meet up with, I certainly wouldn't do it without her! :)

I've been meeting a new running/mom friend at the track at 5am recently, our goal is 3 days a week! This has really been the motivation I need to get it done, because it's so easy with no plan to just sit back and do nothing.
I've also been attempting to get in at LEAST 3 miles a day on the treadmill.
(on top of my track work)
Not exactly the easiest thing in the world to force myself into.

Post treadmill run.

I've also been working out with my sister 2-3 times a week, mostly cross training with a little cardio thrown in there. This has also really helped keep me on track, having someone to get it done with makes me actually stick to working out on my down times!

Me and my baby sister after a workout!

For me running is about 90% mental.
18+ miles on a treadmill? No problem, if my plan says it, I do it.
3 miles on a treadmill just because I want to? Extremely difficult.

It was so hot this day, but again I needed to just do it and get it done. Getting used to the heat isn't something I'm striving to do but at the same time, I'm not going to get away from it for a while so I figured I needed to just suck it up and get in a couple miles and deal with it.

I'm sure others feel the exact same way that I do, I'm sure there are others out there that don't think this way at all. As runners we are all so uniquely different but we can totally understand and appreciate each others process because at the end of the day, running is incredible and we all love the same sport!

And of course my BFF and BRF tackling the heat together... Not our best idea but at least we suffered together?!?

What's on the schedule racing related between now and when I start my next big training cycle?

Here's the list:

1. Macklind Mile - Held each year here in St. Louis, it's a one mile *downhill* course. This is the first year I'm running it but it really appeals to everyone. They have 6 different categories that you can sign up for... The Men's Competitive, Women's Competitive, Recreational Mile, Kid's Quarter Mile Dash, the Dog Mile & Elite Runners. Each category has their own start time so you know that you will be running or walking with like minded individuals.

2. America's Birthday 5k - This one is held ON the 4th of July, I'm really excited about this race because afterwards all the participants get a spot to watch the 4th of July Parade! It's going to be hot so I'm not looking to PR or anything like that, I'm just hoping to finish with a respectable time and not overheat!

While I am looking forward to both of these races they're not something I have a set running schedule. The mile, I'm working on speed work but I feel really confident I can compete. The 5k, I just want to finish, it's going to be hot so I don't want to set unrealistic goals AND I have some friends and family running this race with me so it'll be nice to just take it slow and have a good time! Holiday racing is pretty much my favorite thing! 

I'll start a true running plan again on July 21st so between now and then I'm just planning on doing my best to keep up some sort of workout regimen. I'm also planning on relying on those around me the next few weeks to keep me going & let's be honest, it's always more fun running WITH someone than by yourself anyway!

Now that I've rambled long enough...

How do YOU fill your time between race planning?!? I'd love to hear in the comments about YOUR experiences :)

I hope you all have a great weekend & will see you back here next week!


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this recently. I LOVE making training plans and crossing them off but I’ve also really been enjoying going for runs just because I want to. :) For me it’s been a great mental break to do something just because I like doing it and not because I have to keep up with my plan. I’m not sure I would’ve bought a bike if I was in the middle of a strict plan right now. But on the flip side I know I’m not pushing myself as hard as if I were training for something. So I think I need a mixture of both! :)


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