Hospital Hill Half Marathon Training - Week Five

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Week 5 has come and gone and I have to say that I have never felt this strong or prepared for a race before. I can't explain it other than it's just a feeling that I have that I have never had before. It's exciting and a little daunting all at once. Because now that I have this feeling, the expectations that I have for myself are a little bit higher and if I don't hit them, me being me, will most likely be a little harder on myself than if I didn't feel so prepared.

But let's move on and save the gibbering for later on in the post...

Day 1 :

The Plan : Run/Walk up to 6 miles or Rest

The Reality : 5 miles @ 9:31

Nothing exciting happened on this run, just got it done!

Day 2 :

The Plan : 1-2 mile warm up. 4-6 x 400m @ 7:49 - jog 400m. 1-2 mile cool down

The Reality : 2 mile warm up (9:34-9:38) 6 x 400m (7:52-8:11-7:46-7:51-7:37-7:43) with 400m jog in between. 2 mile cool down (9:22-9:39)

Felt really good after this run! Had Oliver take my picture and let's be honest, this is as real as it gets around here. They're always on the go and I'm usually just standing there laughing at them!

Day 3 :

The Plan : Run/Walk up to 6 miles or Rest

The Reality : 3.4 miles @ 8:56

I was shocked at my ability on this days workout. It wasn't the EASIEST run I've had but it felt on the easiER side of things to be honest. I posted on social how rewarding it is to see the progression and the growth from putting in the work. The benefits show, I can feel myself getting faster and stronger, it's worth every single moment where I'm so uncomfortable I don't think I can go any further, but find the strength to keep going!

Day 4 :

The Plan : 1-2 mile warm up. 6 x 1200m @ 9:15-9:20, 400m @ 10-10:10. 2 mile cool down

The Reality : I had to work this evening so I figured I'd switch up my speed work day and easy run day. Got in 4 miles while starting one of my fave Netflix series over again!

Day 5 :

The Plan : Run/Walk up to 6 miles or Rest.

The Reality : *Did Day 4's reality*

2 mile warm up (9:42-9:39). 6 x 1200m (9:09-9:05-9:10-9:08-9:18-9:11), 400m in between each 1200m set (10:03-10:12-10:08-9:55-10:01-10:04). 2 mile cool down (9:30-9:33)
10 miles total

Still feeling good! Was happy to have that workout behind me, as it was the last BIG speed workout of the training cycle!

Day 6 :

The Plan : Run/Walk up to 6 miles or Rest

The Reality : Our friends hosted a party on Saturday evening so I took the day off to prepare. When we go out we always have to leave a couple hours prior to the event so we can drop the boys off at either my parent's or Andrew's Mom! So basically our day was really hectic as it was without trying to squeeze in a run.

Day 7 :

The Plan : Long run - 8 miles

The Reality : Took another rest day. The training plan that I have been following is for a Sunday race and Hospital Hill is on a Saturday so I'm moving around my schedule this week. Tomorrow is going to be easy speed work instead of rest, Tuesday will be my long 8 miler, Wednesday will be another easy speed work day and then I'll jog or rest Thursday and Friday in preparation!


This week was awesome! I felt like I hit everything that I wanted. Looking forward to race week has me a little nervous. As it stands the high temp in Kansas City on race day is 98*F... Sure we'll be running in the AM but with high's that high, it's bound to be hot at the start. I know I'm attempting a PR at this race but have promised myself not to overdo it, not to get dehydrated (I'm looking at you Orange Mud Gear Vest) and making sure that I listen to my body the entire race.

Cue pre-race jitters!

If you're still looking to sign up for Hospital Hill race on June 2nd, 2018 the code I gave you the past few weeks is now good for 20% off!!! (Originally 15% off)

To refresh the code is BIBHHR18 for 20% off!!!

I hope to see you all next weekend in Kansas City!


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