WHY I decided to run an Ultramarathon!

9:15:00 PM

I've had this itch to run more, run farther and run longer for quite a while now. For the past year I've been training almost exclusively for half marathons and one 5k. While those experiences have been great, I just always felt like I wanted more. 

So what did that mean? I didn't really know. I knew a full marathon was going to be something I'd tackle eventually, after all a dream of mine (maybe a really insane dream) is to qualify for Boston at some point in my life. But it just didn't feel like that was what I wanted. Running a full just didn't scratch the itch I was feeling.

I've been learning about ultramarathon's a lot from being a part of two incredible local running groups (Arch City Run Club and JCRC - Jefferson County Run Club)! I had ran one trail last Summer with one of my best friends (also my best running friend! ;) ) and I loved the feeling of it! I then signed up for my first trail race, a 13.1k trail race late last year that I ran with my Mom. After that I was hooked. I became part of the SLUG (St. Louis Ultra Runners Group) and never looked back. I immediately signed up for the Double Chubb 50K and have been training ever since! I felt motivated, I felt alive, I felt like this was what I had been missing! I'm turning thirty in September. I've wanted to accomplish something extraordinary (running related) before that time. This was it, this was the thing I needed to do. I want to do this for me, I want to do this to show my boys (husband included ;) ) that you CAN do anything you put your mind to. I want to inspire THEM to be extraordinary in their own right, I want them to be proud of their Mom. I want to show them that just because I am their Mom doesn't mean that is all that I am. I am someone they can look up to, someone they can aspire to be like!

I am doing it.

For me.

For them.

April 15th, rain or shine, hot or cold, I'll be out there trucking through all 30-ish miles of that race. 

I'm hoping to finish within seven and a half hours *fingers crossed* however, no matter my time, no matter my pace I will finish this race. 

I have ran the course multiple times, I know my way around, I love it so much. 

I am well aware I am not a seasoned trail runner or even an ultra runner *YET* but I will be one after this race, I will attain this goal. The community of trail runners and ultra runners in this area is outstanding, I've ran in a few group runs out on these trails and I have never felt more included, or understood as I have with those groups. They inspire me, they are what I aspire to be.

The countdown to April 15th is on, I'm nervous, I'm scared, I'm excited.



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