BibRave Safety Month - Brilliant Reflective Product Review

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Disclaimer: I received this set of Brilliant Reflective Strips to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

“In the next 2 HOURS, on average, ONE PEDESTRIAN will DIE from injuries in a traffic crash” - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Now I don’t know about you but that statement was extremely eye opening for me. February is BibRave Safety month and I am beyond excited to be able to share with you all a product that can actually help to prevent harm to you while you’re out on a run in the darker hours of the day or night!

The product is called Brilliant Reflective, which are strips of Highly Reflective material that you can either iron on for permanent adhesion or stick on that last quite a while in my opinion but they can be removed! The brilliance of these strips is that they allow YOU, the consumer, to apply them to your clothing and accessories as you see fit! You don’t have to settle for the reflective strips that come already on your clothing!

So, what exactly is reflective material? “The material is made out of millions of tiny glass beads that are coated with aluminum on the bottom half of the bead. This allows the light to come from any direction and reflect back to the source rather than bounce off at an angle, like a mirror.” ( ... this means that no matter what angle the light strikes, the wearer will be illuminated and seen by an oncoming driver! This is also something I found highly comforting as I was applying my strips to my clothing and accessories. Just knowing I’ll be seen no matter what was a HUGE plus for me!
Another asstonashing piece of information I learned while researching was that are FOUR types of reflective material?!? 

1) COSMETIC, this is used on most casual apparel and has no visibility at 10-50 feet! 

2) LOW BRIGHTNESS, which is found on most TYPICAL RUNNING AND CYCLING GEAR, and has low visibility at 100 feet! ***this was most surprising for me to learn, I always thought I was safe wearing my store bought reflective gear!!! Turns out I was pretty wrong!***

3) MEDIUM BRIGHTNESS, what is found on most RUNNING AND CYCLING VESTS, this has moderate visibility at 100-30 feet!

4) HIGH BRIGHTNESS, which is what Brilliant Reflective strips are, they have the most visibility at 300+ feet! Drivers can see most runners at even 500 feet away! (For reference, a football field is 360 feet in length!)

I have been learning so much about safety and being seen while running in the past few weeks and I’m so glad I get to share this information with all of you! Who knew there were FOUR different levels of reflective material?!? Certainly not me! The scariest part of all, I had NO IDEA about any of this, no idea how uneducated and unsafe I really was all of those early morning and late night runs!

The rest of February I’ll be posting more and more about this topic, these incredible Brilliant Reflective strips and also give some tutorials about how to apply them (spoiler alert: they’re so simple and user friendly it’s unbelievable!)

In the meantime head on over to Brilliant Refltives website and snag yourself a set of these strips and be sure to use the code “BRP25” and get 25% off of your order! What’s better than being safe AND saving money at the same time?!? Nothing!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and please be on the lookout on all my social for more information about this product and much more!!!


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